May 31, 2021 0 Comments Destinations

3 Tips For Traveling In A Post-Covid World

COVID-19 has changed things for most people no matter what country they reside in. One of the largest difficulties for many has been the inability to travel. For many countries, there were travel bans completely banning people from entering other specific countries. In other cases, airlines were shut down or only running with strict restrictions and rules in place, and offering fewer flights. Or, you may have had the ability to travel but simply didn’t feel safe to do so because of the pandemic. 

Whatever your reason for not traveling in the past year or so, you, like many, are probably excited that you will be able to travel again soon. But before you make any travel plans, here are some of the best tips for traveling in a post-COVID world

Make Sure Your Cards Work

Making sure ahead of time that your bank cards will work wherever you are traveling is another great tip for traveling post-pandemic. That way, if you use an ATM machine which has been touched by many people and likely has not been cleaned or sanitized in a long time. 

Even if you are vaccinated and/or still wearing a mask, it is still important to wash your hands and utilize hand sanitizer, and to reduce your use of cash and ATM machines as much as possible. Talk to your bank or credit union ahead of time to let them know when and where you will be traveling so that they can lift any holds or restrictions that may be placed on your cards. This way, you should be able to use them wherever you go without issue. 

Keep Masks On You At All Times

Although lockdowns and even mask mandates have been lifted in many countries already, the rules regarding the pandemic will be different wherever you travel, and you need to be prepared for that. Keep a mask in your pocket and an extra in your bag at all times, just in case. Also remember that it is up to each individual business to decide whether they require masks or not. Whether or not you agree with their stance doesn’t matter – if you want to enter a business you must abide by their rules.

Carry Vaccination Records With You

If you have chosen to get vaccinated, pack your records and carry them with you when you travel. You never know where they might be required, so depending on where you are traveling, they may prove very helpful to have with you. 

Remember that everyone is navigating life after the pandemic and this is new to all and going to look different for everyone. Use your best judgment when traveling in this new world, but above all, have a great time!