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3 Fun Ways To Spend Your Time and Money While On Vacation

While vacations can be a fun way to get away from your normal routine and do some things that you normally might not have the chance to experience, many people struggle with planning vacations and knowing exactly how to spend their time and money. 

If this sounds like something that you’ve had trouble with in the past, here are three fun ways you can spend your time and money while you’re on your next vacation without feeling like you’re wasting either of these precious commodities. 

Try Something Creative

Being on vacation is a great excuse to try your hand at something you’ve never done before. In many people’s lives, the amount of creativity they’re able to have is very limited, so vacation is the perfect time to experiment with your inner artist.

According to Valerie Lai, a contributor to, some ways you could do this could include taking a photography lesson around the area that you’re visiting, painting some of the landscapes you see, or learning about a local art form that you then give a shot. 

While some of these things can be done completely on your own, you might want to find a class to take if you want to create something especially memorable. Who knows, this could even become one of your best souvenirs from your trip. 

Do Things You Know You Enjoy

While vacation is a great time to try new things, you can also enjoy some things that you already know you love while you’re traveling as well. In fact, this might be a better option for you if you’re worried about wasting your money on something that you’re afraid you might not enjoy trying.

Depending on your mood and personality, Laura Vanderkam, a contributor to, recommends that you choose to carve out some time during your days for things like relaxing, exercising, socializing, physical activity, and more. For example, if you love gambling, spend some time at the local casino or get a few lottery tickets to try your luck. Even if this is an activity you participate in often, it can still be a great time while on vacation, too. 

Sample Local Foods

Another worthwhile way you can spend your time and money while on vacation is through sampling the local cuisine. 

When on vacation, Julia Layton, a contributor to, advises that you don’t waste your time or money eating food that you could have at home or that’s geared toward making the most money off of tourists. Rather, try to find local recommendations of authentic food that will give you a real experience while you’re there. 

If you’re having a hard time planning your vacation, consider using the tips mentioned to help you know how to spend your time and money.