October 8, 2019 0 Comments Ocean Beach Bulletin

3 Common Beach Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Getting injured is never fun. And while some injuries can end up paying for themselves if you’re able to find the right legal counsel, many injuries, especially those that happen while you’re traveling, are simply ones that you just have to deal with on your own. 

Luckily, with the right knowledge and preparation, you can avoid many of the most common injuries that people sustain when they’re traveling as part of a beach getaway. So to help those who are planning to take a trip to the beach soon, here are three common beach injuries and how to avoid them. 

Getting Slammed By Breaking Waves

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t necessarily want to be out in the open ocean water, you might feel that you’re much safer just staying closer to shore and playing in the shallower waves. And while this can be true in some cases, getting caught in the breaking waves can cause you many minor or major injuries if you’re not careful.

According to Becky Worley, a contributor to ABC News, many people who play in the break zone end up getting slammed by the waves, causing things like bumps, bruises, dislocations, broken bones, concussions, or even paralysis. To avoid this, try to stay out of the area where the waves are breaking and crashing down. This might mean moving a bit closer to shore or a bit further out to sea. 

Exhaustion From Swimming In The Water

If you’re planning a beach vacation, you’re likely anticipating spending a decent amount of time out in the water. But because it can be very tiring to be swimming for long periods of time, especially if you get caught in a current or riptide, many people wind up getting exhausted from being out in the water too long, which can lead to immediate problems like drowning or more long-term problems like fatigue. 

To keep this from happening to you, Robert Preidt, a contributor to WebMD.com, recommends that you learn how to swim in the ocean and out of currents before you take your trip. This can help you save a lot of energy while in the water and potentially save your life as well. 

Injuries From The Sun

Being out on the beach means being exposed to all of the elements you can find at the beach, including the punishing rays of the sun. And if you spend too much time in direct sunlight, Kate Morin, a contributor to Greatist.com, shares that not only can you get a bad sunburn, but you can also easily get sun sickness or sunstroke. 

To avoid this, make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated and staying in the shade as much as possible. 

If you’re going to be heading to the beach soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you avoid some common beach-related injuries.