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Yacht charter options for the 2024 summer in Europe

European Yacht Charter 2024. What’s the best spot to explore?

Are you looking for the best yacht charter offers in Europe? Read our article, then. Here, we will show you some of the most exciting travel opportunities for the 2024 summer season and beyond.

Yachts for charter in Mallorca

Well, the Balearic Islands are an undisputed leader for yacht exploration in Europe. Mallorca is especially wonderful with the variety of destinations to visit. Companies like Heads Yachting offer some of the best charter yachts available in Mallorca. These are big, luxury vessels. Does the Ocean Beast 65 sound familiar?

That’s a prestigious catamaran for charter. It’s 19.60 m long and 11.10 m wide. Eight guests can fit in four private cabins in total. The crew is included in the price, of course, which is €21.740 per week. There are plenty of other offers to choose from in Mallorca, but the advantage of this particular catamaran is the highest luxury standard imaginable. It seems like the best location for a small wedding reception in 2024 or other unique family occasions. 

This type of luxury yacht charter makes more sense than a hotel. Even with special offers involved, a hotel can’t be compared with a big dream yacht on the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful Mallorca seashore, excellent seafood on board, 5-star private cabins – is there a better way to spend holidays in Europe?

Sailing yachts at the best price

That’s true, Mallorca isn’t the cheapest place in the world. But Croatia can offer lower prices for similar scenery. Rocky seashore, guaranteed sunshine in the summer, and fabulous food – that’s a combination worth considering. A sailing yacht charter in Croatia is something special indeed, but luxury motor vessels are a different ball game altogether. You see, for just 6.000 euros, you can charter a small 2-cabin yacht at Marina Lav. That’s one of the top locations in Croatia. From there, the whole Adriatic Sea is available for exploration.

Naturally, bareboat yacht charters are available just as well. Sails or not. That means more flexibility, more adventure, and more real-deal boating experience. A private yacht in Croatia can become a dream-come-true situation for much less than you’d have to pay in Spain. No wonder people from all over the world are more interested in this destination. Care to join them, perhaps? Just follow the above link, and learn all the details. 

Luxury yacht charter in the Land of a Thousand Lakes

When people think about Poland, they don’t necessarily imagine a great spot for yachting in Europe. Nevertheless, the Masuria region – also known as the Masurian Lake District – is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. There are over 2000 interconnected lakes there. 2000! In the summer, the water temperature is perfect for swimming. Yacht charter, however, can be easily arranged from spring to autumn. But the best part is… the prices.

At this point, Poland is still quite a cheap tourism destination for Westerners to visit. The prices in that country are lower, even in comparison to Croatia. That means a 6-person luxury yacht with three cabins is available there for just €1.610 per week. For this, a cozy lounge with a kitchenette is available, as is an onboard heating system. It can be useful during those romantic autumn nights. Besides, the shores of the largest lakes in the region offer plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, dining, and shopping. Mazurian lakes are something for people who don’t necessarily appreciate the scorching hot of the Mediterranean.