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Entertainment on Cruise Ships!

Cruise vacations became popular in the US in the 1950’s, which is also referred to as the golden age of cruising. While the cruise ships from the 50’s were huge, luxurious and had cutting-edge design for the times, today’s cruise ships have come a long way and you can’t really compare them to the original cruise vessels. Today’s cruise ships offer the modern luxuries of an international resort, while allowing guests to explore many different locations on one single vacation, making a cost effective and convenient option for many.

The appeal of a modern cruise is the sheer volume of amenities onboard. From movie theaters to Olympic size swimming pools, water slides, fancy Michelin star restaurants, malls and even lavish casinos. There’s something about being able to play at a lavish casino while being in the miles from shore that has a strange appeal to it for many. 

So whether you’re a regular casino gamer that wants to experience an all out casino cruise, or you’re looking for the best experience that also offers a great onboard casino, we’re here to give you an overview of all things casino on a cruise ship. 

Does every cruise ship have a casino?

Years ago, gambling was a rather taboo subject in which a luxurious cruise liner would not want to be associated with such activity. While there may have been exclusive gentleman’s poker or blackjack clubs onboard for upper class passengers, you certainly would not have found the latest slot games and poker tables. 

Many popular cruise lines have casinos today, from Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, to MSC Cruises, Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line. However, more specialty cruise ships like Disney cruises, and Paul Gauguin do not. 

The legalities of casinos onboard a cruise ship

Many casino lines simply do not have a casino onboard because of the waters where they operate. As US residents will be familiar with, the US has stringent gambling laws that mean only licensed river boats and casinos on Indian reservations can operate. As such, cruise lines like Pride of America do not have an onboard casino as they exclusively operate in Hawaiian waters. 

Other major cruise lines that do have casinos are only able to operate them when in international waters and not when at port. Similarly, river cruises are not licensed to operate casinos, only specific casino boats can.

Playing casino games at port

If you’re at port for a few days and you’re wanting to visit a casino, fear not as there are still some options for you. Thanks to modern technology, you can play at an online casino which offers a high-quality experience where you can find just as many games, if not more.

You can play on an offshore casino site while at port in the US legally, and discover the latest slot games, many which feature exciting themes from the latest movies and TV shows. In addition, there is also the option of live casinos which make the online experience come to life.

Live casinos are accessed on an online site, however the dealer is broadcast live from a physical casino location. As such, players get the same real life interactions as in a real casino, however you also benefit from the comfort of playing from your private room on the cruise ship. Why not order room service and cocktails to make a whole evening of it. 

Why choose a casino cruise vacation? 

There are many fabulous casino vacation destinations, from Las Vegs, to Monaco and Macau. However, there are many benefits to choosing a casino cruise instead. Let’s take a look at some of these below. 

The best value

A cruise is an unforgettable experience, in which the price includes accommodation, food, access to onboard amenities, transportation, daytime and evening entertainment, and much more. If you were to compare this to a casino vacation to the likes of Vegas, the cost could add up to hundreds of dollars each evening inside the casino resorts alone. 

See multiple locations without having to unpack and repack

You can make yourself at home in your hotel room, while the cruise ship transports you to many different and exciting locations. Cruise ships can stop at many different countries, giving you the chance to travel and experience different parts of the world in a short amount of time and at a minimal cost compared to the cost and hassle of flying to each location. 

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes

Cruise ships are often giant entertainment vessels at sea and as such, you can get as much or as little casino time as you like. Want to spend all day and all night exploring the latest casino games? Well, nothing is stopping you. Similarly, if you’re only looking to dip your toe in the casino waters, then there’s plenty more to do onboard too. 

Casino cruises have so much to offer and are one of the best ways to utilize your budget while traveling. Whether you’re looking for an all-out casino experience or want to know whether you can access the casino while on your luxury cruise, there’s a casino cruise line to suit every player out there.