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Top Yachting Destinations For Fans Of Luxury Sailing

Yachting. Few activities own such a strong identity. Mention the word and almost everyone will have the same image sailing through their mind. And it’s a safe bet that the yacht at the centre of this idyllic, ocean image will look right out of a catalogue – even if your reality with yachting as a sport has largely been set on the deck of older vessels.

Even so, luxury sailing is an experience few can shake once they’ve tasted it. Two ingredients are vital to a successful experience. First, the vessel. Perhaps you’re already abreast of this, and have already begun researching new catamaran models in the lead-up to your next sailing expedition. Which brings us to the second ingredient: the destination. Whether you’re abreast of this or not, it doesn’t matter. Here are the top destinations for fans of luxury sailing.

The French Riviera

Let’s start with a universal truth: the French Riviera is the luxury sailing destination all others are measured against. One, because it has the luxury of history on its side, having been coveted for as long as we’ve been sailing in luxury. Two, because it offers everything. And we mean everything. This is bonafide kid-in-a-candy-store stuff, except instead of chocolate and bags of mixed lollies, you get iconic film festivals and prestigious parties upon yachts grand as country estates.

Once you’ve had a moment to catch your breath, you’ll know doubt lose it again at the genuine natural beauty of this area. In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds.

The Amalfi Coast

The very essence of luxury is great comfort, and what’s more comforting than a short sail to your next destination? South of France, in Italy, is the Amalfi Coast, another destination whose opulent personality needs no introduction. If any single destination on the globe is responsible for traveller’s envy, it’s the Amalfi Coast.

With good reason. Towns such as Positano, Italy are bursts of colour against the arid cliffs of this region; no doubt the postcard was invented to tell loved ones at home about places like this. And while the French Riviera can often feel manic, due to the concentration of A-list celebrities, the Amalfi moves to the rhythm of its own sweet life. Remember, la dolce vita.


Let the winds guide us from Europe down to the Indian Ocean, to the Seychelles, an archipelago of islands off East Africa. This is where your luxury will have less urban influence and appear more like the luxury sailing you daydream about at work.

Think hammocks strung from coconut trees on pristine beaches, diving trips that tour the incredible nursery of local marine life, and the inimitable Creole culture for whom superlatives do no justice. The Seychelles will quench any luxurious thirst you have, and have you coming back for more.


Look, if you’ve been voted one of the world’s best beach, diving, and honeymoon locations for the past few years, then it’s obvious you deserve a place on our luxury sailing list. The Maldives, like the other destinations on this list, needs little introduction. It’s one of the genuine jewels of the Indian Ocean—any ocean, for that matter.

We already know you’ve fancied dropping anchor outside those iconic bungalows propped over coral reefs. Chartering a luxury yacht in the Maldives, though, will open up many hidden delights—think secluded beaches—that elude the reach of social media. If you’re willing to balance your time between exploring and relaxing, then you won’t be disappointed by setting your sails towards this sleepy island escape.

The Whitsundays

A lot of destinations around the world claim to possess beauty that’ll leave you speechless. The Whitsundays isn’t one of these destinations. It’s more than happy to let you clamour desperately for words to describe the genuine beauty of these islands.

Wedged between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays is a must for backpackers and luxury sailors alike. Much like its Indian Ocean counterparts on this list, the Whitsundays strikes that wonderful balance between adventure and a few cocktails at sunset. Given it lies on the doorstep of one of the world’s largest and most vital marine ecosystems, there’s no shortage of sea life to encounter, enough to make you feel like Attenborough.

And Australia’s reputation for having the best beaches in the world is truly showcased all across the Whitsunday Islands. From the world famous Whitehaven Beach to the secluded Hydeaway Bay, every stretch of the Whitsunday coastline is sure to inspire much awe.

British Virgin Islands

The last port on today’s journey is the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. An archipelago of 60 islands, the British Virgin Islands offers exceptional variety, given its relative size. Like most destinations in the Caribbean, these islands manage to offer everything you’d want from a luxury sailing trip, without seeming as though they’re out to impress you. Whether you want to dive, shop, or hop from beach bar to beach bar, the British Virgin Islands will see you and raise you. And trust us, the winner here is you.

To be honest, the entire Caribbean is worth your sailing time, if you have time. It’s difficult to think of another region that collects so much culture and scenery in its watery embrace. But be warned: if you make it here, you won’t want to leave.

Just as the ocean is an open book for writing your own adventure, so is luxury sailing. Unlike adventures on dry-land, you’re far less hemmed in by rule and routine. If you’ve found the perfect vessel for the trip you have in mind, it’s simply a matter of checking the forecast and waiting for the winds to catch your sail. Bon voyage!