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Indulge in Paradise: Italy’s Top Beaches and Finest Wines

Italy is one of the world’s cultural hotspots. An amazing country with a rich history, extraordinary art, and mouthwatering cuisine, its gorgeous landscapes and picturesque coastline are truly remarkable, and a traveler’s dream.

Italy’s wine scene is one of the best in the world, and travelers looking for a sunny summer vacation where they can relax on a beach with a glass of stunningly tasty vino blanco are well served in la bella Italia

Whether you explore the Amalfi Coast on a cruise or seek out sun, sand, and surf in Sicily, Italy offers the perfect blend of beach vacation and wine tasting adventure. Here are some of the finest pairings to be found the length and breadth of the country. 

Sardinia: Costa Smeralda and Vermentino Wines

Sardinia is one of the most overlooked regions of Italy. This tiny Mediterranean island boasts the dazzling Costa Smeralda, a paradise of emerald waters and powdery-white sands. It is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and relax on an uncrowded beach in peace and tranquility.

Sardinia’s contribution to Italy’s wine scene is also often overlooked, but the crisp, refreshing notes of the island’s Vermentino wines are well worth exploring. 

Amalfi Coast: Positano and Amalfi Lemons

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous regions of Italy, an incredibly romantic stretch of coast dotted with quaint cliffside villages and gorgeous beaches in hidden coves overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. With its pastel-colored buildings that almost cascade down from the top of the cliff, Positano is one of the best spots to explore the glorious sandy offerings of Amalfi.

Campanian red wines are the most famous drops to try in Amalfi, but spare a thought for Sciascinoso, a lesser-known varietal from the north of the region which makes superb whites and roses.

Sicily: Taormina and Nero d’Avola Wines

The island of Sicily is one of the most interesting and beautiful corners of Italy. Its incredible history includes Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Moors, and Normans, making it a seriously attractive place for culture vultures. The looming majesty of Mount Etna is also an ever-present, adding a touch of drama to any Sicilian adventure. The charming town of Taormina is one of the best spots to explore Sicily’s amazing beaches from, and La Isola Bella, just off the coast near the town, offers pristine pebbly beach and unspoiled natural beauty. 

Sicily’s most famous red wine, Nero d’Avola, is grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, the island’s active volcano. Its deep, rich flavors and hints of dark fruit and smoke make it a truly sumptuous wine to try. 

Puglia: Salento Peninsula and Primitivo Wines

Southern Italy is about as far off the beaten track as it is possible to be in Italy. The Salento Peninsula (the ‘heel’ of Italy) in Puglia is an undiscovered gem, boasting charming coastal towns and sun-soaked beaches, but yet to be transformed by development and tourist crowds. The golden sands of Gallipoli are an incredible option for beach lovers who want to try somewhere new and less well-known.

Puglia boasts one of Italy’s best wine varietals in the form of Primitivo. Bold, rich, and velvety, with fruity flavors and hints of spice and tobacco, this excellent wine is the perfect match for the region’s hearty, rustic food. 

Italy’s coastline is a wonderful blend of incredible sun-drenched beaches and picturesque vineyards, meaning that the combination of beach vacation and wine tasting adventure is seamless. The above destinations are an excellent combination of incredible wines and lesser-known gems in Italy, which together will make for a truly special vacation!