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Counting Down The World’s Top 3 Beach Casinos

Hitting the casino is a great way to spend evenings at home and abroad. Each casino brings its own ambiance and clientele; even the surrounding area makes a difference in how you feel inside. This is why so many people the world over love a beachside casino. Picture the scene; by day, you’re chilling on the beach, taking dips in the sea, and sipping on tropical cocktails, and then by night, you are immersed in the sound of slot machines and the sight of poker tables. 

Urban casinos are great, of course, leaving the spot to the bright lights of places such as London or Las Vegas, but what about walking out with a smile and the smell of the ocean? Now that is an experience! With this in mind, here is our countdown of the world’s top 3 beach casinos. 

Casino Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Few casinos deliver the opulence, rich casino history, and sheer elegance as the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Visually, this casino is breathtaking; its architectural roots date back over 160 years, built with a view to drawing France’s wealthiest to gamble in its captivating rooms. The casino has been impeccably maintained, and you still feel that sense of luxury that generations before you will have witnessed. This casino has been featured in all manner of movies, from James Bond to Ocean’s Twelve. A strict dress code must be adhered to, and all casino games on offer are for both high and low-rollers. 

After a night at the casino, you can take a short walk to watch the sunrise on the beautiful Larvotto Beach. This makes for the perfect night and showcases why Casino Monte-Carlo is number three on our list. 

Tropicana Atlantic City

Atlantic City’s boardwalk hosts some of the country’s finest casinos, and the Tropicana is considered to be the jewel in the crown. The casino is operated by Caesar’s Entertainment, which has built a reputation for creating some of the world’s best casino gaming experiences. The casino is huge, ensuring you can always find space on any game you wish to play. There are over 3000 slot machines here and 135 table games on offer, including Asian games. Tables will raise and lower limits depending on how you want to roll, and staff are highly regarded by customers as being welcoming and friendly. Beyond its scale, the key takeaway from this casino is that it is designed with comfort in mind. Table service, luxury seating, and quality staff make this one of the best casinos in the country. 

The resort itself sits right on the water, just off the famed Atlantic City Broadway. If you’re looking for a break from the gaming action, take a short walk along the Broadway to the Atlantic City beach, enjoy a drink and let the warm water lap your toes. If you’re looking for a beach casino, this is one of the world’s best. 

Paradise Island Atlantis Casino, Bahamas

And at number one is not only the best beachside casino but one of the world’s finest gaming establishments, the Paradise Island Atlantis in the Bahamas. This 45,000-square-foot casino boasts almost every table, slot, and sportsbook experience you could wish to find. Within this sprawling resort, you’ll find the casino features popular table games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, and roulette, held across its 80 tables. In addition, it has 850 slot machines and hosts daily no-limit Texas Hold ’em tournaments for those who want to test their skills. 

Beyond the gaming experience, you will also find high-end restaurants like Nobu and the Seafire Steakhouse, where you can recharge for your next poker game. This mega-resort provides you with all you need never to leave, but witnessing the beach side of life in the Bahamas is just too tempting. Luckily for you, the stunning Cabbage Beach is situated right in front of the resort, and you can spend your day between bronzing and gaming; life doesn’t get much better. If you want the ultimate beachside casino, this resort in Nassau is the ideal choice. 

Honorable Mentions:

Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Aruba

Mindil Beach Casino Resort, Darwin, Aus

Sunscape Resort, Spa, & Casino, Curaçao

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico

So, if you are looking for a thrilling gaming experience with the option to take some time out on the beach, these are the best three you can choose from. Each offers an elite-level casino experience, and they are all situated in close proximity to the ocean. City casinos have their charm, of course, but there is nothing quite like enjoying a beach vacation while also having the chance to visit some of the world’s finest gaming spots. Which will you choose?