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Social Distancing Edition: Orange County Outdoor Activities By Neighborhood

Orange County is a great place to live in especially if you have children. It’s much more than just surfing and beach activities; it’s a playground that sports enthusiasts will love. 

In summer, the best place to go is the beautiful beach as there are plenty of lovely beaches in Orange County.   In winter, you could drive up to the mountain for skiing.  Get yourself one of those best lightweight bikes and explore the wonderful bike trails all over Orange County – from the 1.8 mile Quail Hill loop to the full 50 miles of the Santa Ana River Trail roundtrip.   You’ll enjoy great Mediterranean weather, nice diversity in people and cuisines, good schools, low crime rate and great shopping.  Criss-crossed by about 1,000 miles of bikeways that can take you from Santa Ana to San Juan Capistrano, from Brea to the beach, Orange County is a biker’s paradise.

On Thursday, April 30, photos of beach-goers that thronged beaches in Southern California made headlines around the United States prompted governor Gavin Newsom to order all beaches in Orange County closed this weekend. The beach town north of Los Angeles was not given the same restrictions though.  At some California State Parks beaches throughout Southern California, at city-owned lots in Long Beach, at county-run beaches in Orange County and along stretches of coast managed by Los Angeles County, you won’t be able to access parking spots, though as of Tuesday afternoon, those beaches were still be open to people who can walk, jog or ride bikes into the area. 

With the temporary closure of beaches and warnings for people to practice social distancing, there are still fun activities that residents can do indoors and outdoors within their neighborhood.  You can shop for the best cruiser bicycles for sale at Six Three Zero and ride your bike around your neighborhood. You could still cycle with your kids and spouse in your neighborhood but do ensure that there’s proper social distancing. Running around your neighborhood or solo hiking are other great ways to work out while waiting for your beach to be reopened. 

According to CDC, whatever activity you do outside, remember to practice social distancing, which means keeping at least 6 feet away from others to avoid contracting or spreading.   Adhering to the CDC’s guidelines on social distancing means group hikes, indoor sports and playing team sports are prohibited. However, you still have the freedom to explore your local wild trails alone or take a solo bike ride around your neighborhood.

Outdoor time is necessary for us during this turbulent period but we need to stay local and limit our interaction and adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Cycling is a cost-effective, healthy social distancing method of transportation and great way to get out to exercise in spring weather. Keep safe when you head out on your bike. Check out the best customized women’s hybrid bikes and men’s cruiser bikes at Six Three Zero for a comfortable and safe ride to ride out the lockdown blues.