April 23, 2020 0 Comments Destinations

Don’t wish for your holiday, bring the culture and entertainment to you

With the current coronavirus epidemic bringing the whole world to a standstill, those with holidays booked over the summer will have to look elsewhere for entertainment. But, fear not, for those desperate to do something different or something that closely resembles normality, you can still bring your holiday to your own home during the lockdown with these ideas.

Bring the fun to your own living room

Now for those that have booked extravagant trips to the likes of Las Vegas and Macau, the element of gambling can be done from the comfort of your own home. Using the best online slots available and with the online casino world expanding exponentially, there is no reason as to why you cannot pretend you’re in Vegas.

Bring in a few plants from your garden and a disco ball and you have your very own casino room. Naturally, the flair of the strip might not be there, but the people you would have enjoyed it with could well be.

Try new foods

People have always commented on how they would love to try new foods, well now is the time to make that happen. If you are going on your once-a-week trip to the supermarket then identify a recipe online that you would like to make and bring the culture to your kitchen. Take a trip to Italy, France, Spain and many more as you try your hand at the delicacies of the world, although best not make too much of a mess.

Learn a new language

Ever wanted to understand the locals when you go abroad? Well, with time in abundance, why not do just that? Impress your family and the locals with learning a new language that will earn brownie points with both sets of groups. Learn how to order a pizza in Italy, tapas in Spain or a sausage in Germany. Plus, it’s an incredibly important way of understanding other countries’ cultures too.


That excuse “I don’t have time to read” can no longer be a reason not to pick up a book and divulge yourself into the literary world. Get stuck into that book that has been on the shelf for weeks, months or even years that you said you would read ‘one day’.

Make that day today and, you never know, you might find yourself grabbing another book straight after finishing that one. Reading on holiday is one of the past times for most people, so why not just pretend you are on that sun lounger turning the pages of a thriller.

Cocktail making

No doubt the lockdown will have made alcohol seem all the more appealing for those that are used to going out on holiday weekends and letting their hair down. Well, enjoy yourself whilst learning something new: make your favourite cocktail that you always ask for at your bar’s resort on a whim. Or, follow these guidelines to do so.

Of course, getting the ingredients may be tricky, but on that once-a-week trip to the supermarket, it could certainly happen. Then sit back and relax and admire your own handiwork, fresh with an umbrella in your tipple of choice.