June 18, 2019 0 Comments Beach Tips, Ocean Beach Bulletin

Packing list of essentials for that trip to the beach

Depending on where you are going in the world and what beach you go to, there might be a different list of essentials that you have to bring, so with this list we’re just going to give you the basics of what you would want to bring to a beach in the USA or a similar location. We have not included everything under the sun on this list, so adjust it with the things you cannot do without. This list will give you the basic things that will make your life much easier and cover you under most conditions.

Extra swimsuit

You may wonder why you’re bringing an extra swimsuit to the beach, but if you have gone swimming in the water and you are done with the water for the day. That wet swimsuit is not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world to be wearing. If you want to go to a local restaurant or cafe for lunch, just imagine how it would feel sitting there in a wet swimsuit. Bring an extra swimsuit so you can change it into something dry and still have that beach appearance.

Cover up or t-shirt

Sometimes you might reach the limit of how much time you want to expose yourself to the sun, so it’s a good idea to have a cover-up or a tshirt. Especially if you’re starting to feel you’re getting a sunburn. It’s also good for later on in the beach day if you get a little bit cooler as you can still enjoy the beach while not feeling that chilly breeze. Many restaurants will also not let you in with just a swimsuit, so having that cover up or t-shirt will get you fed.


Do we really have to say this one? This is one of the most obvious things that you should bring to the beach. Many people that do not go to the beach much do not take sunscreen seriously enough. All you have to do is look around at some of the bright pink tourists and realize how much pain they’re going to be in later. You need sunscreen. These days you can even get little stickers that will let you know how much ultraviolet rays you have been exposed to, so you know when enough is enough.

Beach towel

Many beaches in the world will rent you beach towels or beach mats, but generally in the USA you have to bring your own. A few large towels go a long way. They are good to lay on. and not get covered with sand in every nook and cranny. and of course, they are good to use as they are made, to wipe that water off from that swim.

Beach bag

This can be a little bit like felix’s magic bag, or doctor who’s tardis, it’s bigger on the inside that it is on the outside. You need one of these to put everything that you going to bring to the beach. Everything from the extra towels to that picnic lunch. Books, first aid kit, sunglasses, and sonic screwdriver.

Plastic bag

One of those questions that never appears until you’re about to leave the beach is where do you stick all those wet swimsuits so they don’t get everything else wet. It takes very little effort to just bring a plastic bag with you and shove them all in there to keep them separate. For an extra bonus bring an extra bag to put all your trash in as well.


There is more to a pair of sunglasses than just looking cool. Get a good pair of sunglasses that have a high UV rating to protect your eyes from the sun. A pair of cheap sunglasses that don’t have UV protection will actually damage your eyes more than not wearing the glasses at all.

Sandals or flip flops

These are essential beachwear. If you wear your tennis shoes to the beach will still be pouring sand out of them weeks later. Flip flops are easy to clean from the sand, in fact, you can just rinse them off with water and they keep your feet safe from the sand which can be blistering hot and painful.


If you have small children, you need toys if you want to have a peaceful beach experience. Something as simple as a bucket and small shovel will keep a child occupied for many hours. If you have children we don’t have to explain this.

Bottled water

Heat stroke and dehydration are definitely a thing to watch for at the beach. So, make sure you bring a few bottles of bottled water with you and keep yourself hydrated. Keep an eye on those around you to make sure they are not overexerting themselves in the heat as well.

Extra money

You may not think you need some extra money when you go to the beach but trust us you will. You might need to buy something you forgot, or that beach parking was a lot more money than you expected, or that beach cafe food is looking a lot tastier than the food you brought with you. Just bring some extra money just in case.

A small soft brush

This may seem silly at first, but when you are leaving the beach we have found that this is indispensable. Being able to brush the sand off your feet and legs easily is well worth the extra effort of bringing one. Unless you truly enjoy whipping your legs and feet with a towel and get some sort of joy from it, trust us, as brush will make your life much easier.

This is just a basic beach kit. It can be expanded much more. You can add such things as music players, books, frisbees and footballs, and many other things, but the basic list will get you through your basic beach day. We love the beach and we wish we could spend more time there. Think of us when you’re there. Enjoy.