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Leaf Peeping Destinations For West Coast Travelers

If you live on the West Coast of the United States, it may not always be feasible to check out the gorgeous leaf-peeping hotspots along the Eastern region of the country.  On the other hand, you may want to switch up your leaf-peeping exploration this year.  

Try exploring a different set of destinations to watch the trees make their transition into the barren frosts of winter, and see some sights you’ve never seen before.  Check out some of the best West Coast leaf-peeping spots, and start planning your next exploratory trip today. 

San Diego puts on a natural show 

San Diego offers several different ways to enjoy the changing seasons.  Get yourself away from the chaos of traffic in Los Angeles, and check out what you can find in San Diego’s Balboa Park.  The park is a living example of just how beautiful the changing of the seasons can be in southern California.  

Balboa Park has American Sweetgums and Chinese flame trees that present in bright reds and oranges.  You may also peep an African Tulip Tree while visiting, which bloom late, granting a gorgeous floral accent to the landscape.  

Travel to Lake Tahoe for a unique setting

If you’re looking for a full vacation experience while you are peeping out the colors of Fall, travel to Lake Tahoe.  Lake Tahoe grants visitors ample lakeside lodging options, endless scenes of fall foliage, and a full display of natural diversity.  

You can peep out cottonwood trees, the bright greens of the evergreen aspens, and the fiery magenta of fireweed all in one trip.  The month of October plays host to the Alpine Aspen Festival too.  You and your family can enjoy plenty of local fineries while attending the festivities of the festival. 

Take the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur

Take a journey down the Pacific Coast Highway, and your eyes may not be able to handle the sights you see along the way.  The beauty of this historic route is unparalleled anywhere else in the nation.  

Stop at Big Sur to peep out a moody and dramatic display of the changing tides of Fall.  Try booking a room to rest up at the Post Ranch Inn. You’ll get a chance for respite while simultaneously enjoying the surrounding scenery.  

Redwood National & State Parks in Washington+

Don’t be mistaken. Redwood trees are evergreens, but there’s plenty to peep in the Redwood National Forest of Washington.  

The redwoods do change a little during the fall season, but the highlight of the natural beauty is the poison oak weaving its way around the trunks of the redwood trees.  The vines turn a blazing shade of red in the fall, and scattered oak trees add yellow to the scene.