September 22, 2019 0 Comments Destinations

5 Things You Should Always Do When You Check Into a Hotel

After a long day of traveling and finally arriving at your destination, you’re probably desperate to get into your hotel room and kick back. However, before you get too comfortable too quickly, it’s essential to do a few things first.

Even some of the highest-rated hotels in the world have been known to threaten people’s safety and health. Here are five things that you should always do when you get to your room.

Check For Bed Bugs

A quick glance at a mattress isn’t enough to tell if there may be insects lurking in it. Although many people think that bedbugs are large enough to see crawling around, it’s not always the case. They can be extremely elusive and will hide if disturbed.

The way you can check for them is to check under your sheets and mattress pad. Look for small dots that they leave behind which indicate they are present. You may also smell an unpleasant odor which is from their scent glands.  If you do find bed bugs, you should not sleep there.

Wipe Down Surfaces

The funny thing about hotel rooms is looks can be deceiving. Although everything may look clean, it may not be sanitary. A lot of hotels do a quick surface clean to get rid of visible dirt.

However, if you wipe down your remote controls, light switches, and handles, you may find that there is a considerable amount of grime. Consider traveling with a pack of antibacterial wipes in order to make sure you’re not exposed to germs.

Look Under The Bed and Check Closets

You may have heard the old wives tales of a couple complaining of a foul odor in their hotel room only to find that there was a body stashed under the mattress. Although this may seem far-fetched, there have been cases of people finding everything from dead bodies to dangerous intruders under their beds.

Don’t let your guard down too quickly. Take a look around the room, opening closets, and checking under the bed. It’s better safe than sorry!

Ensure Everything Works

There’s nothing worse than realizing something important doesn’t work when you need it, and there’s no one at the front desk to help. It’s helpful to do a quick check around the room to ensure that everything works from the coffee machine to the climate control.  

Put Do Not Disturb Sign On The Door

Unless you want to potentially get caught in the middle of getting dressed, you should always put up the “do not disturb” sign as soon as you arrive. If you decide that you want your room cleaned, simply remove the sign when you leave your room for the day. That way, the maids will come when you’re out and about.