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11 first aid tips for beach trips

When we go to the beach we don’t think about injury. All you thinking is having a great time and making a special day of it. However, in reality there are a lot of ways to get hurt on the beach. Either from stepping on something that shouldn’t be there, spraining something from running around, or even that errant jellyfish. So, it’s always a good idea to pack a little bit of an emergency kit at the beach. Some of the larger beaches have hotels and such next to them that often have first aid offices, and sometimes the lifeguards have a kit, but generally, when you’re on the beach, you’re on your own until you leave it. So here are a few things we suggest you carry with you when you go to the beach.

Phone numbers and the location of emergency centers

First and foremost, and of course heaven forbid it ever happens, you need to know what to do if it’s something you cannot handle. So make sure you have the phone number and the locations of the local emergency room or urgent care facility. A small cut you can handle, but something that needs stitches needs to be dealt with fairly rapidly.

Small first aid kit

We could break this apart and tell you all the pieces that you would need but generally buying a small first aid kit will give you a lot of what you’re going to have to have. We will add some extras in the list below but generally, people that have created these little first aid kits have put a lot of thought into them and they seem to cover most small problems that might occur.


One thing we have always noticed on the little first aid kits is they never have enough band-aids. Buy a bunch extra, preferably ones that can handle the water. We like the fabric ones ourselves.

Bottled water

Though it does seem strange to bring water to the ocean, this is exactly what you need to do. Clean water is good for everything from cleaning off a scrape to hydrating from too much sun. Heat stroke and dehydration are a serious thing, water is definitely an important addition to your beach kit.


Ok, this is a fairly obvious one as you’re going to the beach anyway, but if you’re not regular beachgoers, it is something that many occasional beachgoers forget. Next time you are in a beach city, have a look around and see how many tourists you see are bright pink and in pain from sunburn. Never forget the sunscreen. Your skin in 30 years will thank you.

Aloe vera

If by chance you do overdo it in the sun and get a bit of sunburn, having some aloe vera gel in your kit can be a lifesaver. Aloe vera is one of the best things to use on your skin that we know. If you or any of your loved ones get a little bit of sunburn, you will understand and praise aloe vera for life.

Aspirin and acetaminophen

Basically, your basic pain relievers. Advil or Tylenol or any. This will help with sunburn as well as headaches from the heat or any scrapes that you may get. They will also help with those sore muscles from running around with your kids or grandkids all day if you have any.

Ear drops

Ear drops are really preventative medicine and are good to use before you go swimming. They’re also good to use for children as children are much more prone to ear infection than adults. Getting water in your ear and getting an infection is no fun, so a little bit of preventative medicine and you’re good to go.


If these are not in the first aid kit then you need to add them. Stepping on something on the beach and getting it stuck in your foot is no way to enjoy the day. Waiting until you get home in the car to pull it out is even less fun. A pair of tweezers can make the day a whole lot better.

Alcohol wipes

Again, if these are not in the first aid kit then you need to add them. when you get a cut or scrape you need to clean it off with an alcohol wipe before you bandage it up to help stop any infection from happening.

Instant ice packs

If you want to take that kit to the next level, add a few instant ice packs. These are disposable ice packs that you can click on an instantly freeze, giving you an ice pack. You do not have to freeze them in advance. If somebody is feeling overheated, or reaching heat stroke, a cold ice pack can make all the difference. That twisted ankle will also thank you, of course, we hope you never get one but that frisbee game can get pretty competitive.

When you pack for the beach, packing those towels and umbrellas, make sure you pack that first aid kit as well. The boy scout motto is to be prepared, and this is something we all should do, be prepared. You can change a major disaster at the beach into a minor discomfort and save the day. I wish you the best, I hope you never have to use your first aid kit, but you will think us if you ever have to. Best of luck.