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The Philippines is a beautiful island country that consists of hundreds of small islands, and some of the most splendid beaches in the world. As beautiful as they are, many of these beaches are hard to get to because they require air charters, bumpy boat rides, and a lot of booking in advance. If you have limited time, you might even feel discouraged and consider calling off the trip. Before you hit the cancel button, you should take a look around Manila; otherwise, you will miss out on a lot of hidden gems.

In this article, we are going to introduce the best beaches near Manila.


With a ride for only 4-5 hours from Manila, you can reach a spot with no electricity and no reception. Anawangin Cove is the sole proof that you can find dream-like tropical beaches near Manila. Throughout centuries of volcanic eruptions and landslides, what was a rocky cliff turned into an ashen beach backed by sea pine trees.

The cove has designated camp areas right by the beach, so you don’t have to drive around to set up your tent. Once you are all set, you can explore the area by hopping between the local shops, swimming, tanning all-day, or hiking. The hill to your right when you face the sea has spectacular views of the cove and the sea, and you can reach the summit via a short and easy hike. When the darkness rolls in, you should get ready with your stargazing booklet to greet the clearest skies you will see near Manila


The bus company Victory Liner bound to Santa Cruz, Zambales, passes through the municipality of San Antinio. Get off at the Municipal Hall and take a tricycle to Pundaquit. Then, you can take a short boat trip to Anawangin and arrive in 20 minutes.


A lot of natural wonders are the products of devastating natural disasters, but the one that gave rise to Nagsasa Cove took place less than 30 years ago. A volcanic eruption in 1991 sent tons of ash and rocks downwards, which accumulated to form the beach. Today, the sand on Nagsasa Cove is a unique type in terms of gray color and softness, and it will make you feel as if you are walking on a blanket.

With clear, calm, and shallow waters, Nagassa Cove is an excellent choice for swimming and kayaking. You can also hike on various trails, or lie down under the shade of picturesque Agoho Trees. Either way, Nagsasa Cove guarantees a peaceful getaway from the chaos of Manila.


To get to Nagassa Cove, you have to take a bus from Metro Manila to Iba, Zambales, and get off at St. Antonio Municipal Hall. Then, take a tricycle to go to Pundaquit. From there, you can easily rent boats to get to Nagsasa.


If you fancy a luxurious getaway rather than camping, Burot Beach should be your first destination. Calatagan was a strategic point of trade in the area, so you will immediately notice the prominent Spanish colonial architecture. The most remarkable structure is the Cape Santiago Lighthouse, built in 1890 by two Spanish engineers. The lighthouse is one of the oldest in the country, and it is remarkable how it still continues functioning.

The beach is nothing short of the pristine beaches of Boracay. You can either lie on the white sand, swim or snorkel at the nearby coral reefs.


Getting to Burot Beach from Manila is quite straightforward. All you have to do is to hop on a bus from Metro Manila. The bus ride is about 3 hours long. Next, you should take a tricycle that will take you to Burot Beach in a few minutes.


After reading the mention of shallow waters, you might assume that the diving activities are scarce near Manila, but Anilao beach will prove you wrong. On the contrary, Anilao is one of the first destinations in the Philippines, where scuba diving activities became widely available. Today, you can choose among several diving companies to take a course. Then, you can join those companies’ tours to explore the unspoiled coral reefs and the thriving marine life.

You will also be facing iconic rock formations and super-sharp cliffs along the coast. Although the climb looks strenuous, you can get to the top of Mt. Gulugod Baboy after a moderate hike for rewarding views of the Balaban Bay. 


Anilao is one of the closest beaches to Manila. You can take a bus from Metro Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal, which should take about two hours one way. Then, you can hire a tricycle or cab to Anilao Port or directly to your accommodation.


If you want to visit a beach destination where you can eat out at night but also stay away from the raucous party scene, Laiya Beach is an astounding family-friendly destination. There are a handful of resorts with large bedrooms, as well as camping facilities for every budget. The beach and its people are quite down-to-earth, so it is a joyful experience to blend into the local life. You should especially try the traditional Batangueno dishes such as the sticky Lomi bowl.

The white sandy beach is wide, long, and perfect for the walks, while the shallow waters are so clear that you can see herds of tiny fishes swimming past your feet.


You should take the bus bound for San Juan. The bus collects passengers at Alabang, Cubao, and EDSA. Once you reach Lipa City, get off and take a jeepney to San Juan Town Market. Some of the resorts are along the way, so you would need to confirm that with the driver.


A lot of the beaches near Manila tend to get crowded, but some of them have luckily remained undiscovered. Liwliwa Beach in San Felipe is an idyllic beach stretching for kilometers. Even when there seems to be a flux of crowds, you will still find a quiet spot. With nothing else but the ocean and dramatic mountain ranges emerging in the distance, Liwliwa quite possibly boasts the most picturesque sunsets.

Unlike the other beaches on our list, Liwliwa is a more exposed beach, and the waves are a bit rougher because of it. You can still swim in the morning, but the beach is ideal for surfing for the majority of the day. You can even rent a surfboard if you don’t have one. If surfing doesn’t appeal to you, you can also try kayaking on the river. The best part is, all the activities come at surprisingly affordable prices.


You first need to take one of the Victory Liner buses bound for either St. Cruz or Iba from Caloocan. Both buses will stop at St. Felipe. Then, you can take a tricycle to your accommodation. The whole journey shouldn’t take longer than five hours.


Imagine the crystal-clear waters with shades of turquoise and emerald contrasting with snow-white sand. What are the odds of finding that kind of oasis only 150 km from Manila? Lukang Beach – surprisingly unexplored – is one of the best-kept secrets of the Philippines. The only sign of civilization you will stumble upon is the historic Pagbilao Power Station and a few quaint beach cottages.

Among the beaches on our list, Lukang has perhaps the clearest waters with a splendid variety of marine life. Snorkeling is quite popular here thanks to the coves like Kwebang Lampas and Tayabas. Lukang is also a mecca for fishermen, and you can even embark on your little fishing adventure by renting a boat to catch fish and cook back at your campsite.


Getting to Lukang Beach is slightly more complicated than the rest of the beaches we mentioned. You first need to take a bus from Buendia Avenue in Metro Manila to Lucena Grand Terminal, then change to another bus bound for Unisan. Getting off at Brgy. Marao, you can rent a boat. The resorts on Lukang Beach can also arrange the boat transformation for you.


The Philippines boasts a plethora of paradise islands. Just by flying into Manila, you will get reasonably close to many of those beaches, especially the ones we listed here. If you are still hesitating, go ahead and book a flight ticket from Cathay Pacific to see for yourself.