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Everything You Need to Do When Planning the Perfect Beach Holiday

Oh, how we do love to be beside the seaside! Getting down on the beach is one of the best parts of any holiday in the sun so you always need to make sure that you plan this part of the holiday to be a definite success. From swimming in beautiful blue water to playing around in the sand, there is so much to be done that you will never want to leave. Here is everything you need to think about when planning the perfect beach holiday. 

Which Beach?

The very first thing you need to work out is which beach you are going to go to. There are so many beautiful beaches out there that you can struggle to pick exactly one. In Europe alone you could go to the Algarve, the Costa del Sol, or the beautiful French Riviera. In Australia, there is Bondi Beach in the heart of Sydney, Cairns, or Byron Bay. Finally, in the Americas, there is the beauty of the islands of Hawaii and the Caribbean or the coastline around the Gulf of Mexico. There are so many options for you to choose from!

To help you narrow it down, try to think about how far you want to go. If you are willing to get on a long-haul flight then something like Australia or Mexico might be an option for you. If you would rather stay somewhere a bit closer, you should think about going to one of the many stunning beaches of Europe. No matter what you choose, there is going to be an amazing beach waiting for you!

What Kind of Beach? 

While less important than the location of the beach, it is also important to remember that some beaches are stony whilst others have sand. If you are thinking that you want to go on holiday to be able to relax, then you might want to look at sandy beaches over stony ones. They are always going to be far better to relax on than something uncomfortable like shingle. 

You should also think about what type of sand you want to relax on. While white and yellow sand are available everywhere, you may want to head to a beach of a different colour. You could very easily visit a beach with either pink or black sand depending on where you go! There are even a few green beaches scattered around the planet, though they can be exceptionally difficult to get to and they are also understandably very well-protected. 

Any Other Activities?

Plenty of people like to go somewhere for the beach and the beach alone. However, there are others who might get a little bit stir-crazy if they think they are going to be confined to one stretch of sand for the entire trip. If you think you might fit into the latter category, you should try to pick a destination which has got plenty of other activities for you to do. You could very easily divide your time between the beach and some other places. Why not arrange a trip so the last stop is a beach holiday? Many people like to arrange a walking tour followed by a few days on a beach to unwind after a difficult hike.

This might also be the perfect option for anyone with a family. If you wanted to visit Florida, you could spend a week exploring Disneyland and the other theme parks of Orlando and then you could drive a little further towards the coast, bag yourself a villa by the sea, and spend the rest of the time enjoying yourself on the beach. It might be the best family holiday you ever go on. 

Stay Right on the Beach or In Town?

Beachfront property comes at a premium but there are plenty of advantages to being able to just get up and run outside to the surf in the morning. If you know that you are going to be spending the majority of your time out on the sand then you should think about trying to find accommodation close by. If you are going to be spending time doing other things too, take advantage of the slightly cheaper accommodation you will find just a short drive or walk away from the beach. 

If you decide to stay right on the beach, there are several things you can take advantage of. For example, your hotel might have a private section of the beach which only guests are allowed to go on. This will be much less crowded than the public areas and will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself as it won’t be as busy. You might also find that your hotel has certain loungers reserved on the beach so you will always be able to find a seat instead of having to fight for one. Finally, for a truly luxurious holiday, you may be able to find a high-end luxury rental that has its own private stretch of beach. With this, you will be the only ones on the beach at all. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

As with any holiday, one of the best ways to make sure that things go off without a hitch is to plan as much as you can in advance. This will allow you to make the most of discounts and other fantastic deals which might not be available the closer you get to the dates of the holiday. 

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You also need to think carefully about what you are packing. Don’t forget old towels to use at the beach as your hotel will not appreciate you taking their nice ones down to the sand. You also might want to take several options for swimwear as it can be difficult to get them to dry out completely between days. Finally, don’t forget a coverup you can wear to and from the beach. Shorts and a loose shirt will be perfect for men whilst ladies can take advantage of summer dresses or kaftans. 

Get Ready to Relax

Many of us picture the perfect beach holiday and they can be so easy to plan. If you are longing to get away on a holiday which truly allows you to relax then you should definitely think about heading away on a beach holiday. With so many exotic and beautiful places to go around the world, you are never going to run out of amazing beaches to visit!