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Cracking the Code: Insider Tips for Finding and Using Hotel Promo Codes

There are a lot of codes out there. Cryptic messages are everywhere, from military enigmas cracked by female codebreakers to Einstein’s universe-defining equations.

Sometimes, hotel booking websites offer promo codes during holidays to attract more clients. Liking or following their pages on social media will keep you updated with these offers.

Look for a code on a website

If you work for a large company or corporation, chances are your employer has negotiated special rates and perks with hotel chains. These are typically cheaper than the lowest publicly available rates. These are called hotel corporate codes, and they allow employees and authorized users to save money on their travel expenses while also enjoying perks such as complimentary breakfast or flexible cancellations.

These hotel corporate codes might appear challenging, but they are not. Conduct a search for them on the hotel chain’s website. Every chain is different in appearance, but you’ll typically see a field where you have to click here on a corporate code or account number. 

Once you’ve found a code, it’s simply a matter of using it. It’s a good idea to compare prices without the code and then with it to be sure you’re getting a genuine discount.

One thing to remember about hotel corporate codes is that you may be asked to show your ID at check-in, especially if you’re a non-employee using the code. It varies from hotel to hotel and might only happen sometimes, but it’s always best to be prepared in case it does.

Look for a code during a holiday

Hotel room costs can be a large portion of your travel expenses. While discounts on hotel rooms may seem elusive, there are a few tips to save money when booking a stay.

Hotel corporate codes unlock special rates for employees and authorized users affiliated with a company. These rates often come with perks such as complimentary breakfast and flexible cancellation.

Hotel staff might ask you to show your ID if you use a corporate code, and that different hotels can have their policies on this. Additionally, the discounted rates vary between brands and even properties of the same chain. So, be sure to compare your rate with the official promotions offered by each hotel chain. 

Look for a code on your birthday month

Most companies have employees who travel a lot for business. To help keep costs down, many hotels offer a discounted corporate rate, usually cheaper than public promotions or what you’d find on the hotel website. These are called hotel corporate codes. These rates often come with perks like flexible cancellation or complimentary breakfast. To find a code, look for an internal link or wiki page in your company’s HR department or perhaps pinned to a Slack channel for frequent travelers.

Some people worry about using hotel codes because they may get asked to show ID at check-in if they belong to someone other than the company associated with the code. However, this is only sometimes the case and varies by chain. The other risk is that your company might need a code for a particular hotel, and you’d have to go through the more formal process of applying to join their program, which typically involves an email to corporate programs or the general manager at the hotel.

Look for a code on a social media page

Promo codes are short alphanumeric strings used to offer discounts and special deals. They are usually part of a marketing campaign or event and can be shared through social media, email, or other channels. Promo code campaigns can be a great way to attract new customers and increase sales. However, there are some key things that every hotel should keep in mind before launching a promo code campaign.

Sharing hotel promo codes on all social media platforms, whether through posts or collaborations with influencers, is the most effective way to ensure maximum visibility. This strategy lets you expand your audience reach and boost your chances of converting more leads. Use attractive visuals and creative copy to stand out from the competition. Using hashtags to increase your reach on social media is also an effective strategy.

Some companies have large workforces that travel frequently. To help save money and time, they will often negotiate discounted rates with hotel chains. These are known as hotel corporate codes.

Although these are meant to be cheaper than the lowest publicly available rate, not all corporate codes are created equal. The process varies by hotel chain and can include an application with the corporate programs office and a meeting with a manager to discuss rates, expectations, and other details. Some hotels even require you to show your company ID at check-in.