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5 things to do in Malta in April 2024

As April comes around, Malta transforms into a centre of lively celebrations and events, showcasing its rich culture and community spirit. 

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April 2024 in Malta is set to be an exhilarating month, packed with festivals and events that cater to all tastes and interests. From family-friendly gatherings and cultural showcases to musical fiestas and historical explorations, there’s something for everyone on this vibrant island.

Here’s a look at some of the eagerly anticipated events in April in Malta. 

Wanderlust Festival (6 to 7 April)

The Wanderlust Festival 2024 in Malta is a pioneering event for families, marking the island’s first festival that combines music, culture, wellness, and outdoor activities into a unique celebration. 

Happening at the Ta’ Qali Picnic Area in Attard, this festival offers an engaging experience that goes beyond traditional events, promoting discovery, adventure, and community for people of all ages. 

The festival has a varied lineup, including high-quality musicians and artists from different music styles, plus interactive shows and contests to entertain and involve attendees. There are also wellness activities such as yoga and meditation sessions that provide families with opportunities to connect through shared moments of calmness, and art and creativity workshops that encourage the expression of individual creativity and new ideas. 

Dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives, the Wanderlust Festival aims to reduce its impact on the environment and raise awareness about protecting our planet among those who join. This event is not just about celebrating creativity and life; it’s about bringing together community values, sustainability, and mindfulness, making it a perfect choice for families looking for fun and meaningful experiences.

Strawberry Festival (7 April)

April brings back the much-loved Strawberry Festival (Festa Frawli) in Malta, a lively event that celebrates the island’s agricultural roots. Taking place in the scenic village of Mġarr, this festival is a hit with families, food lovers, and those keen on culture, presenting a variety of strawberry-themed treats. Visitors can enjoy a range of items, from fresh strawberries, sweets, and jams to creative gourmet meals and even strawberry wine, all provided by local growers and skilled chefs.

However, the festival is more than just delicious food; it’s also a cultural event, showcasing traditional music, folk dances, and stalls by local artisans. It’s a child-friendly affair, too, with plenty of fun activities like train rides, painting contests, and interactive games, all supervised by professional animators.

Besides the food and cultural offerings, Festa Frawli gives attendees a chance to visit Malta’s historic sites at a lower price. The Ta’ Ħaġrat and Skorba temples will be open, with tours available in both Maltese and English, adding a historical dimension to the festival experience.

Festa Frawli is a day filled with happiness, community spirit, and celebration, inviting everyone to dive into the local customs and enjoy the flavours of spring in Malta.

Dark Malta Festival (19 to 21 April)

The Dark Malta Festival, marking its 5th year, is set to offer a memorable experience for fans of goth and alternative cultures. With tickets at €75, the festival will feature a remarkable selection of international bands and DJs, covering a wide range of dark music styles. Organised by Hades Events, the festival is celebrated for its fusion of music, art, and culture, standing out in Malta’s festival landscape.

This edition will introduce the eagerly awaited Rooftop Pool Party on Saturday and Sunday mornings, providing a refreshing beginning to each day. The Saturday night after-party promises to keep the energy high until dawn, ensuring the festivities continue. The festival will also see the comeback of the Malta Oskura Art Exhibition and the Alternative Market, enriching the musical offerings with a space for artists and sellers to present their dark-themed creations and merchandise.

Taking place at the renowned Gianpula venue, located between Rabat and Ħaż-Żebbuġ, the Dark Malta Festival not only commemorates its significant anniversary but also the dynamic culture of the alternative community. It’s a key gathering for those interested in diving into the world of dark music and art, within an inviting and engaging setting.

Hidden Gems at Saint Lawrence Church in Birgu (26 to 28 April)

This special event provides a unique chance to explore the hidden gems of the St. Lawrence Parish Church Complex in Birgu. Open to the public, this event offers an insight into the complex’s rich religious, historical, and cultural background, dating back to its establishment by Count Roger. 

Since the Order of St. John arrived in Malta in 1530, the site has been closely linked with their history. Guests will have the opportunity to enter areas usually off-limits, such as the Chapter House, which houses ancient manuscripts and relics, the Oratory of the Holy Crucifix with its unique statues used in the Good Friday procession, and the Parish museum.

The Byzantine Chapel is another highlight, displaying a sword wielded by La Vallette during the Great Siege of 1565, underscoring the site’s historical importance. The event also includes access to the crypts under the Church and the Belfry, where visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Grand Harbour. Guided tours will provide a deeper understanding of the displayed ‘Gems.’ 

The event is rounded off with a special agenda featuring lectures, enactments, organ and choir recitals, documentaries, and open-air cinema, ensuring a rich and entertaining weekend. This occasion not only showcases the historical and cultural significance of Birgu but also honours the legacy of St. Lawrence Parish Church as a key piece of Malta’s heritage.

Malta Fireworks Festival 

The Malta International Fireworks Festival is back in April 2024, eagerly awaited for its display of fireworks’ beauty, craftsmanship, and tradition on the Maltese Islands. 

You can expect a series of stunning displays that blend colours, lights, and music into an impressive show. A key feature of the festival is the Pyromusical competition, which challenges participants to synchronise fireworks with music, adding a competitive element and rewarding the creativity and skill involved in pyrotechnics.

The festival’s finale is especially remarkable, attracting large audiences from Malta and abroad. The specific dates and venues for the 2024 festival will be shared later, but excitement is already high for what promises to be an unforgettable lineup of events. 

The Malta International Fireworks Festival not only honours Maltese fireworks’ rich heritage but also gathers international talent, showcasing their expertise in a celebration that draws global attention. This festival is a highlight for both local and international media, as well as fireworks enthusiasts worldwide, looking forward to the spectacular shows and the lively atmosphere it brings to the Maltese Islands.