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What to do if the fish don’t bite

Fishing is not a lottery in which only a select few are lucky, but a real art. Only the most experienced masters succeed in it, who know precisely the reasons for the bad bite and can quickly correct the situation for the better. If you are not the fishing elite, promptly start reading our article. We will discuss the most common reasons for poor bites and the most effective methods for increasing them.

Using other bait and lures

The most common reason for lack of bite is the wrong choice of bait and bait. To identify this error, look at other fishermen. If everything is fine with their bite, you urgently need to try another option. In this matter, you can experiment or rely on the recommendations of experienced fishermen. You can find the perfect bait and lure combination that the fish will love in both cases. Sometimes, it is enough to change the size or color of whatever you throw into the pond. In general, don’t be afraid to try different options, and after a few fishing trips, you will know exactly which bait works most effectively and which baits the fish bite on.

Changing the fishing location

Experienced fishermen know that only 10% of any body of water contains fish. In other places, it rarely appears or does not appear at all. If you choose one of these areas unsuitable for fish, the chances of a good bite will be minimized. To correct the situation, you must move several tens of meters to the side at 30-45-minute intervals and try fishing there. Sooner or later, you will find the place where the fish will bite very actively. If you want to save time, watch other fishermen. You need to go in their direction if they are constantly busy with work.

Choosing a different time

Fish, like people, alternate between periods of activity and rest throughout the day. Therefore, it is essential to choose the optimal time for fishing. A sound bite is often observed in the early morning or late evening. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some fish species prefer midday or even late night. In this regard, it is essential to study the behavioral characteristics of various aquatic inhabitants in advance and adapt to them. Do not be discouraged if the activity period of the chosen fish species falls on a dark day (late evening or night). In the end, you can take night vision binoculars and other similar optics when fishing, providing good visibility in low light conditions.

Getting rid of excess noise

Despite the initially apparent primitiveness of most fish species, these creatures of nature have developed sensory organs. They quickly recognize even minimal vibrations on land, feel any vibrations in the water column, and pick up various noises. All this indicates to the fish that there is danger, which causes them to go to their shelters and deprive the fisherman of a sound bite. Correcting the situation in this case is very simple. It is enough to behave quietly, and the fish quickly return to their usual feeding places. In addition, it is essential to remember that even loud conversation can frighten aquatic inhabitants. Therefore, switch to a whisper or communicate with your hobby colleagues using gestures if you want a sound bite.

Waiting for the weather to change

Biting activity directly depends on the weather. Fish reacts to almost all changes, from precipitation intensity to atmospheric pressure fluctuations. Therefore, sometimes, when the bite is wrong, waiting for the end of the rain is enough, and you will get the desired fish activity. The peculiarities of behavior of different species in certain weather conditions have long been known to fishermen. In this regard, try to study this information in detail before going to the reservoir and do not forget to monitor the weather forecast. Also, remember that 99% of fish species hate heat, sudden changes in air and water temperatures, and strong winds. If one of these factors is present, you should not expect a sound bite, so it is recommended to postpone fishing to another day.

A sound bite cannot be bought with money or asked from friends. It can only be earned by your correct actions near the reservoir. If you have carefully read our article, you have already realized your mistakes and will be able to correct them this coming weekend. We hope everything works perfectly for you and you get absolute pleasure from fishing.