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The best cars for surfers

Surfers are pleased people. Their hobby allows them to spend much time on the ocean, enjoying beautiful scenery and riding the waves under the warm sun’s rays. The only problem they face is transporting the boards to the venue of the planned event. In this matter, they are helped by cars that meet specific criteria and provide high comfort. Let’s look for such transport together and see what well-known automakers can offer us today.

Criteria for an ideal car for a surfer

If we consider all modern car models, only a few will meet the surfers’ requirements. This greatly complicates the process of finding the ideal vehicle and makes this task almost impossible for many. To cope with such work, it is necessary to consider several essential criteria. They will help narrow your search and reduce the likelihood of making mistakes.

First, you should pay attention to the car’s dimensions. Only the spacious interior and luggage compartment model can accommodate a long and wide board. At the same time, you also need to provide space for passengers if they will travel with you. An alternative to a large car is a vehicle with a unique roof rack for transporting surfboards. The second most important selection criterion is the efficiency of the car. It is essential in cases where the distance from your residence to the coast is several tens or even hundreds of miles. If you have a vehicle that uses fuel or battery power economically, you can significantly reduce the cost of your trip.

When choosing a surf car, it is essential to consider the terrain you are heading to. In most cases, you will drive close to the shore, which means the vehicle must deal with off-road conditions, mud and sand. In this regard, the chosen car must have high ground clearance and excellent traction properties. Last but not least, the primary criterion for selecting a model for a surfer is a high level of comfort. It is necessary not only so that the driver can enjoy the trip to the coast but also to have the opportunity to take a break from a long journey or from riding a board.

In addition to the primary selection criteria, you need to pay attention to the car’s high degree of safety and reliability. If it meets the listed requirements, you won’t have to stop at a car service center on the way to the ocean to fix any malfunction and fear for your own life in the event of an emergency. You should also always consider your own needs. If you comply with them, you will feel more confident on the road and get absolute pleasure from driving a vehicle.

The best models for surfers

Almost every automaker has a car surfer can use to get to the coast. These vehicles are distinguished by increased cross-country ability, a spacious interior and simple operation. Because of these features, most models are expensive. In this regard, many people prefer to buy them at the Honolulu auto auction, and similar events in other US cities where used and damaged cars are sold. This option will provide an opportunity to save money and, after inexpensive repairs, get an ideal transport for a surfer.

Subaru Cross Trek

This all-wheel drive car from Subaru is ideal for surfers. It has good maneuverability and excellent handling on any surface, thanks to which it can take you straight to the ocean shore. This model also has outstanding towing properties so you won’t get stuck in the sand. Subaru Cross Trek can be called the standard of comfort. The interior of this car is equipped with anatomically shaped seats that relieve the driver and passengers from excessive fatigue during long trips. In addition, the model is equipped with a modern multimedia system and many other technological innovations. The Cross Trek’s trunk is spacious. If you add the space created by folding the rear seats, there is enough free space to accommodate several surfboards.

Toyota Tacoma

For surfers who have to travel long distances to the ocean coast, the Toyota Tacoma is an ideal option. This modern model is one of the most reliable cars to take you to your destination without breakdowns. The Tacoma is a midsize pickup truck with a bed up to 6 feet long. In it, you can easily transport boards and not be afraid of their damage during the trip. Among other features of this car, it is worth highlighting its excellent towing properties, which help the Tacoma overcome any obstacles and not get stuck in the sand. In addition to all of the above, a Japanese-made vehicle is one of the safest pickup trucks of our time. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injury in an accident on the road.

Subaru Forester

For a reason, another Subaru car appeared in our ranking of the best vehicles for surfers. It is a compact crossover that easily maneuvers in city traffic, behaves predictably on the highway, and copes with off-road travel. This model is distinguished by its economical fuel consumption, so even the longest journey will not become an overly expensive pleasure. An essential feature of Forester is its high level of safety. The car is equipped with various driver protection and assistance systems, which minimizes the risk of accidents. To transport boards with the rear seats of the Forester, you need to perform a few simple manipulations. They need to be folded or completely removed from the cabin. Complemented by a spacious luggage compartment, the remaining space will make it possible to place even the most significant and broadest boards inside.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S

If you plan to ride a board in deserted places far from civilization, choose the Jeep Wrangler, namely its Unlimited Sport S variant. This vehicle is an all-wheel drive SUV with a well-known design and excellent performance characteristics. It does not experience any difficulties while driving on any surface and guarantees every driver an unforgettable experience. For surfers, this car’s most valuable quality is its interior’s spaciousness and plenty of free space for placing boards. In terms of safety, the Wrangler Unlimited Sport S has no problems. The results of crash tests prove the effectiveness of various protection elements, so surfers who choose this car do not have to worry about their safety while traveling.

Hyundai Santa Fe

This comfortable Korean-made SUV will be ideal for beginners and experienced surfers. It will allow the transporting of several boards and many other valuable items simultaneously. This model is characterized by increased cross-country ability, thanks to which it can easily overcome any obstacles. Even if you want to drive as close to the shore as possible, Santa Fe can fulfill your desire. The car will not get stuck in dry or wet sand thanks to its excellent traction properties. This SUV has no problems with safety indicators. It is equipped with various systems that help the driver control and reduce the likelihood of trouble on the road. A bonus for surfers will be the ability to fold all the seats. This will create much free space, and the car interior can be used for sleeping.

Surfing is a hobby for people who love adventure. It includes riding the waves and traveling to the ocean coast. For the latter, surfers should choose vehicles that can overcome various obstacles along the way and safely deliver their boards to the event site. If you carefully read our article, you can see a couple of options. By choosing one of them, you will forever forget about the problem of transporting boards and can completely immerse yourself in the world of surfing.