Severed human foot inside shoe washes up on Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach San Francisco foot puma shoe

Reddit member moonsuga posted this photo, suggesting that it was the shoe found on Ocean Beach. Photo via Reddit.

UPDATE 5 p.m. Sept. 16 – A photograph posted Sunday to social site Reddit purports to show a shoe containing a human foot that washed up on Ocean Beach that day.

A user of the social site Reddit who uses the handle moonsuga posted a link to a photo purported to show the shoe on the sand of Ocean Beach. Although the shoe shown in the photo generally matches authorities’ description of the shoe found on the beach and although the sand closely resembles that of Ocean Beach, the image provides no context or background other than sand and dog prints, and the poster apparently gave no information about how he or she acquired the photo and determined it was genuine.


UPDATE 12:50 p.m. Sept. 16 – A bone that may be from a human has been found on Ocean Beach near the site of where a shoe containing a foot was discovered Sunday morning.

After initially recovering the shoe, National Park Police searched the area and found an additional bone, according to the Bay City News news service.


A severed human foot inside a running shoe washed up on Ocean Beach near Taraval Street Sunday morning.

A Golden Gate National Recreation Area beach patrol found it after receiving a call from a beach visitor, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“What we have is a human foot, with some associated tissue, inside of a shoe,” Mark Powning, an investigator with  San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office told the Chronicle.

It wasn’t clear how or when the foot and shoe got to Ocean Beach, but Powning said it didn’t seem to be the result of anything recent and “probably was rolling around the seabed for awhile.”

The shoe was a Puma brand, size 7 and 1/2, in green and black.

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  1. Sometime within the last 10 years, I remember two women found what appeared to be part of a human leg on Ocean Beach and brought it to the National Park Service. It was given to the San Francisco Police and nothing was heard about it again. Reportedly it was being stored along with lots of other possible body parts with no action planned on determining DNA. I suspect it wasn’t that rare a find and that there’s just not enough money to ‘id’ them.

  2. The Chronicle reported the shoe size 11 1/.

    A commenter on sfgate posted a link to wikipedia article about human foot discoveries in BC & Washington.

  3. There was that guy that went missing after the Bay to Breakers Race…..

  4. I promise there is more to this story than it seems right now. Give this one another couple of weeks (and assuming the media doesn’t completely drop the ball and lose interest), we’ll know the truth:

    Something’s afoot.

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