Tom Prete
Tom Prete

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Tom Prete is a journalist, editor and writer. He has been editor of the San Francisco Independent newspaper and editorial-page editor of the San Francisco Examiner. For the past 16 years he has lived in a little Doelger house just a few minutes’ walk from Ocean Beach, and he grew up near Stern Grove. Tom isn’t a native San Franciscan, but his kids are — and they know that if you can’t say something nice, you should say it to a Dodger.

You can follow Tom on Twitter at @tomprete.

Mark Lukach

Founding Editor-at-Large
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Mark originally hails from Delaware. A teacher and freelance writer, he has a penchant for goofy yearbook photos. He loves surfing and walking his dog at Ocean Beach, and supports the preservation of the waves and coastlines as a member of the Surfrider Foundation and Save The Waves.

You can follow Mark on Twitter at @marklukach and @oceanbeach.

Victor Casillas Valle Ocean Beach Bulletin

Victor Casillas Valle
Los Angeles-born Victor C. Valle attends the University of San Francisco, where he double majors in communication studies and media studies. After a year of immersing himself into the Bay Area scene, in late 2011 he began his music publication We Move Against The Tides, which brings light to local and underrated artists of the Bay Area through articles, interviews and reviews. Because Victor’s first passion was for shoe-leather journalism, he has also worked as a freelance writer on his own time. Recently, he has expanded his work in music journalism by contributing to local music website The Deli San Francisco. Additionally, Victor is involved with radio station and photography magazine THSNDWRDS. He’s also in management for local Bay Area band Morgan Manifacier and directs the on-campus poetry club WORD!
Check out Victor’s online portfolio,, and be sure to follow him on Twitter: @VictorCValle

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Sergeant Riggle from Taraval Station here. I am enjoying the “Bulletin” and noticed that you include excerpts from the Richmond Station newsletter. We have one too! Just send an email to to get on our list.