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  1. I’ve lived in the Outer Sunset for the last 30 yrs. What interests me is in all that time I have never seen or heard of any form of emergency evacuation plan for this area. I can prepare, water, flashlight, canned food, etc. the question is where is the central location for medical help, what to expect when and if we get to the
    location, what about medical help.

    Oh I am aware of those wonderfully stupid signs that point towards Twin Peaks, heck if I don’t know where
    high ground is I am in trouble. Japan had 8 minutes warning, not much time but imagin the chaos and death caused by no plan at all.

    Why wouldn’t this type of information be disseminated door to door? If a plan does exist maybe its a reasonable idea to let us know.

    Thanks for allowing me to express this concern.
    Michael Arnegger

  2. I read with interest your post about the windmill. I was especially interested in your mention of Heliodor Hammerstrom. I have a painting that he painted in 1910. It portrays two mermaids on a buoy. Would you know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing this painting? I have not been able to locate any collectors. Thanks for any information you can provide.

  3. Head’s up – 22nd Annual Yule Pyre, a renegade Christmas tree bonfire, is at Ocean Beach @ 7PM tonight. Meet by the Doggie Dinner head. Here’s pics from last year –

  4. Congratulations on the Bulletin. I just heard of it from Andy Wernette.

    • Thanks for checking in Ron. Stay tuned & check back often, Tom is working hard to make this THE site for all news that relates to the Avenues.
      Great seeing you the other day, hope you enjoyed the Holidays.

  5. FYI- Kelly’s Cove 2010 Reunion & Memorial, Saturday Sept. 25th noon til dusk. It’s a potluck lunch at noon and memorial fire ceremony at 3pm. Then party at the Tonga room. Would be awesome if you can do a story on the event.