Ways to Protect Yourself Online In 2018

By | February 23, 2018

The year 2018 is bound to bring great leaps in the field of technology, especially in data processing and services online. Instead of driving to the mall or to a restaurant or to the bank, we would be relaxing in our homes as we hit buttons on our devices to order clothes, food, and to pay our bills. We will have all the conveniences that we want except that in enjoying all these, we expose ourselves to cybercriminals.

Our gadgets nowadays receive tons of our personal data every day. Shopping online would mean using our credit card, which contains personal information that many people can now access. When you make bank withdrawals or pay your bills online, our bank data is at risk of being used by criminals. We have heard stories about people losing money in their bank accounts or credit cards.


Ways to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Here are five ways to protect ourselves from hackers, identity thieves, and other forms of cyber crimes.


Use the Latest Antivirus Software

Most of us prefer to install free or low-priced antivirus. But, if we want ultimate security, paying for an expensive one will be worth its price. No one wants his data to be under constant threat, and to make sure that our data are safe, we need the latest version of the most powerful antivirus.


Removal of All Data before Recycling

Some of us prefer to have our old computers recycled. Before taking the device to a computer recycling shop, we must make sure to remove all data from our gadget. This will prevent cybercriminals from stealing our identity and using the information to rob us. We can do this by going to the PC settings and clicking the button that will remove all files from the computer.


Use Digital Shredder

There are sensitive files that we do not want others to see or recover. Deleting them is not a guarantee that they are gone forever. To do this, we can use software that works as a digital form of document shredding.  The procedure is different from destroying paper documents. Instead, the digital shredder overwrites the document again and again until the file is beyond recovery.


Have a Different Password for Each Account

Using the same password for all your accounts can be dangerous.  We can just imagine what would happen if a hacker gains access to a website where we have an account. The cybercriminals will start looking at other sites where we have an account. If they use the password in our other accounts, they could easily open all of them.


Never Save Card Details

When we fill some forms that require our debit or credit card details, we must take time to delete them, especially if we are using a device that many people use. If we fail to do this, other people can make purchases or money transfers from our cards.

We must consider using the methods listed above so that we can always protect our online information. Likewise, we can prevent cybercriminals from stealing from us.

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