Are You Concerned Enough About Your Data?

By | December 1, 2017

Most people assume that installing an antivirus software on their computers is enough protection. In fact, very few people ever install a software to protect themselves against identity theft. You ought to be concerned about the security of your data and identity. There is a big risk of Criminals getting their hands on your personal information and the potential harm that could cause is catastrophic.

The baseline question regarding, why it is important to protect your data is – would you pay a ransom for your personal files? Over 37% percent of people under 55 years would pay $200 to regain their data. This is a clear indication that most people are concerned about cybercrime, however, most will rarely do anything to protect themselves thus are left vulnerable.


Most Common Cyber Crime Concerns

Most people are most concerned about financial fraud as a result of being hacked. Others fear losing control of their computers. But the one thing that still stands out is that most people are still unaware of the severity of cybercrime risks. Most are unaware of email phishing which is the most common form of cyber-attack.

Many people assume that the duty of protecting the home network falls solely to the internet and cell phone service providers. Less 23% percentage of people actually know how to keep their home devices and network security.

Researchers show that over 71 percent of people are actually aware of cybercrime but less than half that percentage were confident that they could protect their devices and home networks.


Here are a few simple takes to follow so as to secure yourself from cyber-attacks:


– Backup your data often – thanks to cloud computing you can easily back up your data in a safe and secure platform.


– Make sure you install and use an updated computer antivirus and security program and use it with all computers that access the home network.


– Be diligent and cautious so as to avoid phishing campaign – Avoid clicking on unexpected links, videos, images, documents or music file sent especially via social media or email. This should be communicated to all members who use the home network.


Computer recycling is the disassembly and separation of computer components. When disposing of old computers it is important to clean off your data from the hard drives. There are companies that offer recycling services. It is important to note that this applies to physical documents too.

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The document shredding company should be able to offer paper shredding, mobile document shredding, paper recycling and card recycling. This is one of the biggest risk stages of information. It is therefore important to ensure and device or physical document with sensitive information is shredded in a secure means.

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