How To Make Sure You Aren’t A Victim of Insurance Fraud

By | November 29, 2017

Not all people are honest and the world isn’t as sparkly and glittery as we first thought it to be. There are good guys, bad guys, and morally gray guys. I understand all of those, but sometimes I still find myself baffled at how easy it is for some people to cheat and deceive their fellows. Over the years, there are multiple accounts of people accused of defrauding insurance companies, just to what? Obtain a property and get more money? It’s disheartening, especially at how common insurance fraud is. For those of you who have availed of insurance, I sincerely hope this article will help you make sure that you aren’t the next victim of an insurance fraud.


Be Vigilant and Be Smart

One of the primary things you should do to make sure you aren’t a victim of an insurance fraud is to be vigilant. Be wary of door-to-door insurance people, internet advertisements, telephone calls and low-cost insurance prices. No matter how enticing a lower priced insurance with amazing benefits may be, there’s a high chance that it is a scam or that there are hidden payments you might not be aware of. Make a thorough background check on the insurance company and make sure that they are licensed. Before signing or agreeing to anything, make sure that you have gone through every single detail and asked all your questions. Always be smart and do not be rash in your decisions because fraudsters have increasingly been more subtle in their deception throughout the years. Don’t be taken with their great sales pitch and by their urgency. Always be calm and wary.


Consider Your Payment Method

Before paying for anything, make sure that you’re only paying for things that you have acquired. Thoroughly examine your bills and check for any discrepancies such as paying for a more expensive treatment than you have been provided for. Don’t be afraid to report any inconsistencies to your insurance company or to the authorities should the need arise. Once you’ve confirmed that your bills are not tampered with always remember to pay through secure methods such as credit cards or through check and only directly through your insurance company or agency. Don’t ever pay cash to your broker or insurance agent and never forget to ask for a proof of payment.


Be Wary of Unnecessary Services

Before undertaking any services covered by your insurance company, make sure that it really is necessary. One of the age-old schemes in Health Care Provider frauds is providing or performing unnecessary procedures that can rack up your bills. Before agreeing to any of these treatments, ask how it is necessary or how it is beneficial it is to you.


Guard Your Details

Do not readily give any personal information to anyone claiming that they’re from an insurance company. Personal details such as Social Security Number and Insurance Identification Number should be closely guarded as they can be used for scams and identity theft.


Subscribe to FTC and Scam Alert Websites

Keep up to date with the latest fraud schemes and swindlers by subscribing to scam alert websites. This is a great way to access information and advice regarding the latest insurance frauds across the nation.

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