Some Things to Know If You’re Planning a Disney World Trip This Summer

By | August 11, 2017

A Disney vacation can be one of the most exciting and memorable vacations in your lifetime. Disney has a lot of exciting events to offer. To completely explore all the secrets of Walt Disney World Orlando, you have to visit the two water parks and four theme parks. Then, add Downtown Disney, the great resort activities, and the new Disney Springs. You can easily see how important it is to set aside a few days to completely explore and experience the magic of Disney World.

What are the things you must consider when planning a Disney world trip?

  • Planning your budget – Deciding on how much money you can afford to spend will help you be able to identify and make decisions on what hotels you can book, how long you will stay at Disney World, and how much to spend on souvenirs. The budget will provide you with a clear outline of the trip.
  • Booking a hotel – Since you can’t explore the entire Disney World in one day, you will have to make plans on which best Disney moderate resort offers you the best value for money. Note: it better for you to pick hotels located closest to the park you intend on visiting.
  • Picking a transportation means – You can get from the airport to the Disney resort and back for free. You should ensure your travel arrangements allow you to take advantage of the magical express to avoid any additional expense of hiring a taxi. In Disney, buses provide transportation from one hotel or park to the other.
  • Checking the renovations and closures – Nothing would be more disappointing than making the trip to Disney only to find the ride or attraction you have been dreaming about is closed for maintenance. The information on maintenance schedules is available early enough on the Disney Parks blog. Checking this information will guarantee that your favorite attraction is available.
  • Checking for special offers – Especially when you are traveling on a budget, special offers like discounts on tickets or hotel stays with free dining plans could save you a lot of money which, in turn, can be used to explore new activities.
  • Checking the weather forecast – It is a good idea to establish what the weather conditions will be when you intend on visiting a Disney Park. Plan the trip when the most favorable weather conditions are expected.
  • Considering getting a fast pass – This is a way for you and your family to avoid the long lines. The fast pass will ensure you don’t waste time queuing since you will enter the fast pass line. You can now reserve three fast passes 60 days in advance online if you stay on Walt Disney World property, or 30 days in advance online for guests not staying at a Walt Disney World property.

If you choose to drive, parking at the resort is free. A lunch reservation is easy to get compared to dinner reservations. Be prepared for the magical experience! For even more tips we recommend searching for the best Disney podcasts of 2017 out there and of course you should always bring a great bag to Disney, which to find you can just do a quick search for best bag for Disney and find a ton of options there.

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