Is Succeeding Really Feasible?

By | June 25, 2017

Having a separate jurisdiction over its territory perhaps is one of the biggest issues the world is facing today. In particular, the State of California in the United States is being put to the test for being one of those pushing for secession. The question is, is withdrawing from the Union a good idea for the state? Is it even feasible? Does it have the leverage?

Secession is a subject congesting the U.S. for years now, with the country’s politics figuring in a multiple of discussions just to come up with the best justification as to why such action is good for a certain state.

Secession dates back to the 1800’s, the most famous of which was when eleven southern States declared forming a new union called the Confederate States of America. It lasted prematurely in 1865 after the Confederate was defeated in the Civil War.

With history not backing up the success of a secession, then why are present leaders of the state still struggling their best to make it happen? What is their binding force? Their motive?

I see. The election just ended and they are evidently not pleased with the fresh face sitting on the president’s chair now.  We can always give the state leaders the benefit of the doubt. However, the response when the new POTUS Donald Trump took his oath and announced his initial orders and plans, it did not come out really well for most.

To say the least, the Americans are forced to search for nationalism. Setting the feet on the streets to protest what they think is right while thinking of other recourse on how to repulse a ruling they think is not suited for their well-being so to speak.

According to, these Americans are tempted to replicate what the Europeans are currently doing. We already know about the Brexit. It somewhat served as inspiration, and it just ignited to fire on them to unleash the fight for their rights.

But then again, how feasible is it, really?  How close is it to becoming a reality? To tell you honestly, the matter at hand is not just an idea anymore; these people from the Golden State are already taking baby steps to veer away from the rest of the country. Some think this line of thinking is about as sane as someone seeking gonorrhea treatment by drinking green tea and wishing the problem away. 

The culture and politics and the parts of this state have obviously been distinctive from the rest. Isn’t it an indication that forming a separate sovereign and centralized government a possible thing? After all, they would not risk taking slow steps if they did not know where they are headed to. It is a process they trust. A journey they believe can bring them to a better life. It may look like a contradiction to the current administration and may appear as a treason of some sorts. But hey, generally speaking, why endure on something you don’t deserve. We all deserve the best. These people are putting up their respective shares because they are up for something they believe would work wonders for them. Doing so would require auctioning away many of the rights of being a U.S. citizen like the best auctioneer in Springfield, MO would auction off some old jewelry.

So is secession really feasible? My answer? Why not?

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