Photos show Ocean Beach like you’ve never seen it

Extreme low tide on Ocean Beach in San Francisco

An extremely low tide occurred on Ocean Beach Monday morning, showing a facet of the beach people seldom get to see. Photo: Frank Plughoff

Ocean Beach experienced an exceptionally low tide earlier this week, exposing areas usually well underwater and showing a natural beauty seldom seen.

The unusually low tide, a “minus tide” almost 2 feet lower than the standard low-water mark, hit Ocean Beach at about 6:15 a.m. Monday, June 24. With the previous high tide coming in at more than 7  feet above that standard mark, a 9-foot difference between high and low tides, the beach underwent what some observers call a “perigean” tide.

Reader Frank Plughoff was there, and sent us some of his photographs showing an Ocean Beach that is at once both familiar and strikingly alien. Check out more photos of this extreme low tide below. All photos and captions by Frank Plughoff, who is on Twitter as @Earthnik:

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