HBO show films scene in Golden Gate Park

1-DSC05783An HBO film crew was shooting scenes in Golden Gate Park Friday, April 5 for an as-yet-unnamed pilot for a show about gay thirtysomethings.

A person involved in the shoot who declined to give a name said Michael Lannan is the writer of the HBO show set in San Francisco, and described the show as a comedy something like “a gay ‘Sex and the City.'”

Check out more photos from the shoot of the HBO pilot below:

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A film crew set up in the west end of Golden Gate Park just east of the Beach Chalet soccer fields, Friday, April 5 to shoot a scene for a pilot episode of a new HBO show written by Michael Lannan. The show doesn't have a title yet, but it features gay thirtysomethings in San Francisco and was described by one person on the set as "a gay 'Sex and the City.'" Photo: Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin


This article has been changed to correctly indicate Michael Lannan’s role as writer of the show.

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