High winds whip San Francisco’s western neighborhoods: photos

Parkside Square wind damage

Two large trees crushed the backstop structure of the softball field at Parkside Square near Vicente Street and 28th Avenue. Photo: Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin

UPDATE 10 p.m. April 9 – Two large Monterey cypress trees crashed down next to each other but in opposite directions Monday near Sloat and Sunset boulevards, and by Tuesday afternoon the trunk of one of the trees still blocked a pedestrian path on Sunset.


High winds whipped Ocean Beach and the Sunset and Richmond districts Monday, toppling trees and closing the Great Highway.

Residents told the Ocean Beach Bulletin that damage ranged from wind-blown trash to toppled construction signs and even a blown-over 35-pound barbecue grill.

The Ocean Beach-Kelly’s Cove website, which operates a webcam and weather station at the Kellys Cove area at the north end of Ocean Beach, recorded gusts up to 62.3 miles per hour, but winds nearby reached 75 miles per hour, according to national weather authorities.

Check out these photos of wind damage from around the Ocean Beach area:

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