Mayor Lee appoints Carmen Chu San Francisco assessor – almost

Ed Lee announcing intent to appoint Carmen Chu San Francisco assessor

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announces his intent to appoint Supervisor Carmen Chu, in white jacket, to be the City’s next assessor-recorder. Photo via Lee’s Twitter account.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said today he intends to appoint Supervisor Carmen Chu to be the City’s next assessor-recorder, but stopped short of actually doing it or naming a replacement for Chu’s seat on the Board of Supervisors.

Although Chu wasn’t sworn in this morning, the mayor’s announcement brings the closest thing to certainty about the move that observers of San Francisco politics have seen in months of speculation.

With Chu headed for a new office, one vacated by recently elected Assemblyman Phil Ting, Lee can name a replacement to Chu’s seat on the Board of Supervisors representing District 4, including the Sunset and Parkside districts adjacent to Ocean Beach.

SF Gate’s City Insider blog reported that Lee said he would pick a replacement by March 4, but gate no indication who that might be.

Three names often crop up in discussions about the next District 4 supervisor:

  • Katy Tang – Tang is one of Chu’s aides and a familiar face at community meetings and events throughout the district.
  • Suzy Loftus – A member of the San Francisco Police Commission, Loftus is a parent — currently an under-represented demographic on the board — in a district traditionally full of families.
  • Malcolm Yeung – Yeung is deputy director of the Chinatown Community Development Center.

Whoever Lee chooses will get to serve out the remainder of Chu’s current term and run for the office twice, meaning a potential 10 years representing District 4.

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  1. Re: Chu’s replacement, isn’t the only relevant question who Rose Pak and the Chinatown mafia want dictating over us? You really think the Mayor has any input in this?? Or that he even cares?? Hard not to feel politically victimized if you live on SF’s westside. We’re worse off than the proverbial ugly forgotten stepchild, and I guess we’re supposed to be happy if our new Supervisor doesn’t extort us for cash (remember Ed Jew?) or perhaps even spends a night in the district once in a while.

    • Of the three, I hope its Katy Tang.

      Its just for 2 years – hopefully some good new candidates will emerge that we an get behind. It would be nice if people didn’t just vote their demographic, but I guess that’s what a lot of people do.

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