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SFPD shield emblemRichmond Station police activity: Don’t trash the Richmond after Super Bowl; victims chase down robbers; safety-vest burglar; new senior paratransit service

This is an excerpt of the Feb. 1 newsletter of San Francisco Police Capt. Sharon Ferrigno of Richmond Station, which is responsible for the Richmond District and Golden Gate Park.

Captain’s Message

Greetings!  We are gearing up for what is hopefully a Forty-Niner Superbowl win.  To make sure this is a safe and happy celebration we are asking everyone to be responsible celebrants.  If you live along Geary between Arguello and 25th Ave, and you have a Monday trash pickup, we ask that you wait until Monday morning to put out your garbage.  While the playoff game went very smoothly we do not want to attract vandals by leaving anything out that can be used to start fires.

Master Tat Wong of Clement Street hosted the 15th Lunar New Year public safety campaign.  Please make sure to watch out for our elders as there are those people who will target them during the Chinese New Year celebration.

We have attached 3 PDF’s to this week’s newsletter for NERT training and information regarding a senior shopping shuttle.  Please take time to peruse if these items are of interest to you.

For additional information on Crime Statistics, go to the SFPD Website at

Our next Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 6pm.  It will be in the Community Room, here at Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave.  (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

Richmond Station distributes an email newsletter every Friday.  Our newsletter, which is sent to several hundred email addresses, contains information about recent crimes, arrests and upcoming events in the District.   To be added to this list, please email us at SFPD.RICHMOND.STATION@SFGOV.ORG.

Captain Sharon Ferrigno

Noteworthy Arrests

On 01/27/13 at 6:40am, the victim parked her vehicle on the 400 block of Cherry.  She went inside the hospital and realized she had left her purse in the car and returned to her vehicle.  She saw three males walking away from her vehicle, which now had a broken window, and saw that one of the suspects was holding her purse.  She started chasing after them and ran into a co-worker and told him what happened.  The co-worker followed the suspects in his vehicle while calling 911.  He provided a description and direction of the suspects and told dispatch that they had just entered a restaurant on the 3300 block of Geary.  Officers arrived and detained the suspects as they were exiting the restaurant.  One of the suspects tried to flee from the officers but was caught on the unit block of Beaumont.  Officers walked the path the suspects had taken from Cherry and located the victim’s property.  The three males, two 20yrs and one 18, were charged with auto burglary, possession of stolen property and narcotic violations.

Noteworthy Incidents

On 01/24/13 at 11:45am, officers responded to a report of a burglary on the 700 block of 3rd Ave.  The neighbor reported that the victim’s dog was now in the back yard and a side door had been forced open.  Officers conducted a search of the premise and the suspect was gone.  With further investigation by the officers they were able to determine that the suspect was a black male, 25-35 yrs, wearing an orange construction vest and was heavy set.  The loss was three laptops and cash.

Between 01/24/13, 10pm and 01/25/13, 5:30am on the 3400 block of Anza, a suspect entered a garage and took tools and a spare key to a car parked inside the garage.  The suspect also took the vehicle.

On 01/25/13 at 12:42am, the victim was walking on the 2900 block of Geary when the suspect approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around the victim.  The suspect then reached into the victims pant pocket and took his wallet.  The suspect then fled south on Collins Ave.  The suspect was described as a black male, 25-30yrs, wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt and black pants.

On 01/25/13 at 2pm, the suspect entered a business on the 300 block of Arguello and told the employee that he was looking for a dress for his girlfriend.  When the clerk became distracted, the suspect took the laptop from the counter and ran out the front door.  The suspect was seen entering a silver sedan that was parked in front.

On 01/25/13 at 2:25pm, the victim had just left school at 32nd and Anza and was walking west on Anza to 33rd Ave., where his dad was parked waiting for him.  The victim was looking at his phone and as he got mid-block he was approached by 3 black male juveniles and they asked him if he was in a gang.  The victim said no and tried to keep walking.  One of the suspects asked the victim what he had in his hand, the victim, knowing that the suspect was referring to his phone said, and “Come on guys.”   The suspect then claimed to have a gun and the victim handed over his phone.  The suspects ran off and the victim got to his dads car and told him what happened.  The dad and son searched the area and found 2 of the suspects at 34th and Balboa.  The dad confronted the two suspects and they said they did not have the phone.  The son had started tracking his phone from his dad’s phone and located it on Fulton and 20th Ave.  The father and son left the first two suspects and drove to the area and found the suspect.  The father confronted the suspect who said he did not have the phone but knew who did and would direct them.  The suspect got into the car with them.  The son, still tracking the phone discovered the phone was in the car and he told his dad that this suspect was still in possession of his phone.  When the dad stopped the car at 17th and Balboa, the suspect ran off, but dropped the phone.  The suspect with the phone was described as being 16-17 years, with braids and a gray zip-up sweatshirt.

Between 01/25/13, 11:45pm and 01/26/13, 9am on the 6000 block of California, a suspect entered a business on the 22nd Ave side by shattering the glass front door.  The suspect took cash from the register of two connected businesses.

On 01/26/13 at 11:20am, the victim was at Fulton and 10th Ave waiting for a bus.  He had his phone out briefly and put it back in his pocket.  He noticed the first suspect walk across Fulton and come to the bus stop, and shortly thereafter a second suspect walked over.  The two briefly conversed and then confronted the victim, telling him to give up his phone. The victim turned his phone over to them and they ran into Golden Gate Park.  The suspects were described as two black males, 23-25 years of age, one wearing a dark blue rain coat, the other a dark jacket and beanie.

Between 01/27/13, 5:30pm and 01/28/13, 6am on the 600 block of 6th Ave, a suspect(s) gained entry into a garage by unknown means.  The suspect(s) then took the spare keys that were hanging nearby and stole both vehicles parked inside.

Between 01/27/13, 5pm and 01/28/13, 7am on the 100 block of 6th Ave, a suspect smashed a hole in the front window of a business.  They reached in and took jewelry that was on display just inside.

On 01/28/13 at 12:40am, the victim had just opened the garage door with his remote and pulled into the multi unit garage on the 300 block of Euclid.  Prior to the door closing, the two suspects ran in and one, who was armed with a handgun, demanded the victim’s belonging.  The victim complied and the suspects ran out to an awaiting vehicle and fled east on Euclid.  The suspects were described as two black males, 20-25 years, one with long dreadlocks and a white t-shirt, the other with a gray hooded sweatshirt with a black jacket on top.

On 01/30/13, between 3pm and 5:15pm on the 700 block of 33rd Ave, a suspect entered a residence through an unlocked kitchen window.  The suspect then took a laptop, guitar and a game system.

On 01/31/13 at 8:35pm, the victims had just parked their vehicle on the 2700 block of Balboa.  They noticed that a black SUV pulled just past them, doubled parked and stopped.  Two suspects exited the vehicle, went to the driver’s side and passenger side doors opened them, punched the victims in the face and took a cell phone and cash from the victims.  The suspects fled south on 28th Ave.  The suspects were described as black males, 35-40 years with scarves covering their faces.  The victims sustained minor injuries.


The Police Commission will be holding town hall type meetings on the issue of Energy Conducted Weapons (ECW’s).  The dates, times and locations are:

Feb. 4, 2013; 6pm to 8pm; Scottish Rite Center; 2850 19th Ave.

Feb. 11, 2013; 6pm to 8pm; Bayview Opera House; 4705 3rd St.


A Federally funded program called Shop A Round is a convenient, low cost shuttle for seniors over 65 and people with disabilities who need assistance with their grocery shopping.  There is no fee to sign up and one way fares are $2.00.  It is currently a five day a week program.  Please contact Roxana Lara at the SF Paratransit office, 415-351-7094 for more information.  Also a PDF is attached at the bottom of the newsletter for additional information.

Shop-A-Round Van pamphlet

Editor’s Note: The pamphlet PDF is cut off on the right side. This defect was in the document as sent to the Ocean Beach Bulletin.

SFMTA Shop-a-Round Van pamphlet by Ocean Beach Bulletin

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