Sunset District author Jaimal Yogis to sign new book at Coast Wine Bar

Fear Project book coverSunset District author Jaimal Yogis will be at Coast Wine Bar on Noriega Street tonight, signing his new book, “The Fear Project.”

Yogis, who previously wrote “Saltwater Buddha,” said that while he’s been doing a lot of readings from the book, the Coast event will be mostly a more casual party about two things: “Good wine. And, hopefully, good writing.”

“The Fear Project” is an examination of “our most primal emotion,” how it helped our ancient ancestors survive, how it can cause problems in modern life, and how facing fears can help people live happier, more fulfilled lives. As part of his research for the book Yogis confronted his own fears, diving with great white sharks at the Farallones and learning to surf the legendary waves of Mavericks.

Yogis will be at Coast Wine Bar, 3815 Noriega St., starting at 7 p.m.

“The Fear Project” is available at bookstores and on Amazon.




“Good wine. And hopefully, good writing.”

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