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SFPD shield emblemRichmond Station police activity: Super Bowl prep; skateboard swinger; Hey, that’s my bike!; too-tall mugger

This is an excerpt of the Jan. 25 newsletter of San Francisco Police Capt. Sharon Ferrigno of Richmond Station, which is responsible for the Richmond District and Golden Gate Park.

Captain’s Message

Richmond Station is gearing up for what we hope is a Super Bowl win on February 3, 2013.  Citywide the SFPD is preparing for a safe and joyful celebration.  You, our community play a vital role in keeping this a safe and sane celebration.  Richmond Station Officers will be vigilant in patrolling and enforcing the law.  We will not tolerate the consumption of alcohol on public streets and sidewalks.  Please plan your celebration accordingly and if you must drive, have a designated driver to make sure everyone arrives home safely.

We were contacted by security from Penske Motor Group who asked that we share information regarding an auto burglary that occurred on January 5, 2013 between 9:30am and 6:30pm.  A suspect entered a vehicle that was parked in the alleyway off of Clement and 39th Ave and took a black bag that contained numerous personnel files of a local business that had sensitive personal information. There is a reward being offered.  If you have any information or can help in getting the files returned, please contact Chip at

For additional information on Crime Statistics, go to the SFPD Website at

Our next Community meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 6pm.  It will be in the Community Room, here at Richmond Station, 461 6th Ave.  (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

Richmond Station distributes an email newsletter every Friday.  Our newsletter, which is sent to several hundred email addresses, contains information about recent crimes, arrests and upcoming events in the District.   To be added to this list, please email us at SFPD.RICHMOND.STATION@SFGOV.ORG.

Captain Sharon Ferrigno

Noteworthy Arrests

On 01/21/13 at 7pm, officers were called to the 400 block of 28th Ave on a report of a landlord/tenant dispute.  Officers investigating the incident discovered that one of the tenants was in possession of narcotics and another was in possession of a laptop that was taken in a burglary in Pacifica, Ca. The 47 year old female and the 59 year old male were charged accordingly.

On 01/22/13 at 11:15pm, plainclothes officers were in the area of Geary and 19th Ave, when they observed a male “tagging” a garbage can, with several of his friends gathered around, watching.  The officers pulled past the group, got out of their vehicle and approached the group, identifying themselves as officers.  The male who had been doing the graffiti began to run from the officers but was caught within a couple of feet.  The male, who had a skateboard, swung it at the officer who had grabbed him and struck the officer on his hand, fracturing it.   The other males in the group were also detained.  The 22 year male was charged with aggravated assault on an officer and vandalism.

Noteworthy Incidents

On 01/18/13 at 11:30pm, an employee of a business on the 1800 block of Clement St was closing up.  A male came to the front door and banged on it and yelled at the employee to open the door.  The employee said they were closed and the male walked away.  About ten minutes later, the employee heard someone at the back door trying to pick the lock.  After being unsuccessful, the suspect started kicking the door, finally forcing it open.  The employee yelled out and turned on the lights.  The suspect then fled with out making it inside.  The employee did not see the suspect at the back door.

Between 01/19/13, 11pm and 01/20/13, 2pm on the 700 block of 5th Ave, a suspect entered an apartment building and took a bike that was in the lobby.  There were no signs of forced entry.  On 01/22/13 at 6pm, the victim located her bike parked at a bike rack at Stanyan and Waller Sts.  She took the bike and informed the police.

On 01/23/13, between 1am and 8am, a suspect entered a garage and took a TV and a set of golf clubs.  The garage door may have been left open by another tenant.

On 01/23/13, between 8am and 6:45pm on the 700 block of Arguello, a suspect entered a residence by breaking a pane of glass on the front door.  The suspect took a laptop and other electronics.

On 01/23/13 at 7:30pm, the victim was walking north on the 600 block of 22nd Ave.  The two suspects, who were
walking south, approached him and the victim saw that one of the suspects was holding a gun in his hand.  The other suspect told the victim to give up his property.  The victim told the suspects he didn’t have anything.  They asked for his wallet and when the victim handed it to the suspect he told them there was nothing inside.  They suspects told the victim to keep walking and they fled south on 22nd Ave.  Officers located the wallet which the suspects had discarded, with the victim’s property still in it.  The suspect with the gun was described as a Hispanic male, 20-25 years, wearing a gray sweatshirt.  The second suspect was a black male was 20-25 yrs, wearing a black sweatshirt and was over 6’4” tall.

The Police Commission will be holding town hall type meetings on the issue of Energy Conducted Weapons (ECW’s).  The dates, times and locations are:

Feb. 4, 2013     6pm to 8pm    Scottish Rite Center        2850 19th Ave
Feb. 11, 2013   6pm to 8pm    Bayview Opera House    4705 3rd St



April 15, 2013 (Monday):  Deadline forapplications to become a member of the SF Civil Grand Jury; for more information, go to or call 415-551-3605.


Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety Program

Join Lt. Erica Arteseros and the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) partner with SF City Administrators office, Patrick Otellini, Director of Earthquake Safety, to look at seismic safety of SF buildings.  Learn the most current information on the Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety program (CAPSS) including an introduction of the proposed Pilot Program of ‘Soft Story’ Projects to implement seismic upgrade in those most vulnerable of residential/small commercial buildings and how neighborhood community preparedness plays an integral role in our ability to remain resilient before and after a major earthquake.

Agenda:  Open to the public – bring a friend

NERT – An overview – Simple solutions

CAPSS – What it is – Advantages & Benefits – How to get involved

Q & A – Future Next Steps

Date: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Place: County Fair Building (formerly the Hall of Flowers) – Bring a family, friends, neighbors

Location: Just inside GG Park @ 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way

Time: 6:30PM to 8:30PM


(Street parking available AND after 6PM of Lincoln Way -Muni info:

Refreshments, Displays, Handouts, will be available.

Presenters will include:

Lt. Erica Arteseros, NERT Program Coordinator
Lt. Erica Arteseros has been the Program Coordinator for the SF Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) since 2004. She supervises the training of people in NERT’s disaster preparedness and response classes and has expanded the advanced training classes offered to NERT graduates so volunteers can maintain skills. Lt. Arteseros has also worked extensively with City agencies, the private sector, and individual citizens in pre-disaster planning and training.

Reuben Hechanova, Architect

Appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2008 to the Building Inspection Commission (BIC) that oversees policy and administrative governance of SF Department of Building Inspection, Reuben served as the BIC President in 2010 where he helped to move the CAPSS (Citizen Action Plan for Seismic Safety) forward stepping down from the BIC in March 2012.

Laurence Kornfield, Policy Development

Chief Building Inspector in SF for 20 years, Laurence has been active in earthquake hazard mitigation, response and recovery since the Loma Pieta earthquake in 1989. He initiated and oversaw SF’s recently completed Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS), and is currently developing long-term implementation plans for that CAPSS project. Mr. Kornfield is active in policy development related to building performance, disability access, sustainability, etc.

Patrick Otellini, Director of Earthquake Safety

SF City Administrator’s office Patrick is a certified building inspector, previously serving on the Mayor’s Soft Story Task Force. Patrick understands SF building issues, codes, permitting and construction. Patrick’s job is to implement a 30 year plan to reduce the city’s most dangerous risks in a future earthquake, including retrofitting, soft-story buildings, private schools, and some concrete building. He will guide the Earthquake Safety implementation plan (ESIP) which implements the recommendations of CAPSS.

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