Ocean Beach news roundup January 27

Richmond District bank robbery suspect

Richmond District bank-robbery suspect. Photo courtesy San Francisco Police Department

This week in the Ocean Beach news roundup: Fires, bank robbers, pill crooks, evil spirits, paved-over front yards, brothel murder, happiness, and really, really fast Internet

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  • Richmond District fire displaces nine people, injures firefighter, causes $400,000 in damage. – Bay City News via SF Appeal
  • SF police release photos of Richmond District bank robbers. – Bay City News via ABC7, SF Weekly
  • SFPD issues new warning about Chinese “spirit scam” after incident on Noriega Street. – SFPD
  • Have you seen these robbers who stole pills from pharmacies in the Richmond and Sunset districts? – SF Examiner
  • Surprise! People are still paving over their yards in the Sunset. It’s more than an aesthetic issue, though, as it means rainwater can’t get into the ground and instead goes straight into the municipal wastewater system. – SF Chronicle
  • Suspect arrested in Las Vegas for 2010 murder at suspected Sunset District brothel. – SF Weekly, SF Examiner, SF Chronicle
  • Why is it important that U.S. Internet speed lags behind countries such as Latvia and South Korea, and what does that have to do with the Sunset District? – SF Chronicle
  • The Sunset District’s Golden Gate Artist Films to premiere new S.F.-based film at the Balboa Theater. – Melodika.net
  • Curbed SF brings its Hidden History series to Fort Funston. – Curbed SF
  • November’s District 7 election showed it’s time to ditch ranked-choice voting, a San Jose State political-science instructor recently wrote. Not so fast, says SFSU professor emeritus Richard DeLeon: There are reasons why it’s an important advance in voting. – SF Chronicle (opinion)
  • Want to get happy? It may help to master a new skill, says a San Francisco State University associate psychology prof. – io9
  • Pioneering broadcast journalist Belva Davis, recently retired from KQED, will be honored next month in a fundraiser to help pay for a scholarship in her name and the housing of her papers at SFSU. – Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
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