Eric Mar wins second term as Richmond District supervisor

Eric MarSupervisor Eric Mar was re-elected to his District 1 seat Tuesday, handily defeating a well-funded challenge from David Lee.

With all precincts reporting, updated results released Wednesday afternoon showed Mar was the first choice of 53.9 percent of voters in District 1, which consists primarily of the Richmond District. Lee, a moderate who criticized Mar as too liberal and out of touch with his constituents, found just 38.56 percent of those constituents agreed that Lee was a better choice.

Another challenger, Sherman D’Silva, got 7.54 percent of the first-place votes.

The District 1 contest was one of the most heated on Tuesday’s ballot. Mar and Lee sniped at each other even at candidate forums where they had promised not to attack, and campaign spending not directly associated with the candidates flooded into District 1 —largely for Lee and against Mar. One group funded a controversial ad ridiculing the incumbent and his positions, such as a ban on toys in fast-food meals, suggesting that voters “send Mar back to Mars.”

The SF Weekly reported that records showed spending for Lee was more than $940,000 as of Monday: “Of that, $303,000 was in his ‘official’ campaign war chest, with the rest third-party soft money.”

But all that money wasn’t enough to topple Mar.

“Richmond District voters have sent a strong message that our neighborhood is not for sale,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Because Mar got more than 50 percent of the first-choice votes, San Francisco’s ranked-choice voting system was not applied in District 1. If he had come in with less than 50 percent, the votes of people who chose the the candidate with the least number of first-place votes would have been redistributed to other candidates and the results recalculated. In District 7, by contrast, elections officials went through five rounds of eliminating candidates and redistributing votes under the RCV system until F.X. Crowley appeared to hold a slim lead over the other remaining  candidate, Norman Yee.

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