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Incumbent Eric Mar led challenger David Lee in the District 1 Board of Supervisors election and F.X. Crowley held a slim lead over Norman Yee in Distrct 7, according to results released late Tuesday night by San Francisco elections officials.

The Department of Elections posted general results at 10:23 p.m. and detailed results of District 7 at 11:12 p.m. Those results showed Mar apparently fighting off Lee for another term representing the Richmond District, while in District 7 Crowley flipped an earlier lead by Yee to stand at 50.95 percent to 49.05 percent after six rounds of ranked-choice-voting calculation.

Read on for more information about the results of San Francisco’s election.

This collection is a work in progress and will be updated continually through the official certification of final election results. Email us suggestions for additional links.

San Francisco election results

  • General San Francisco election results. – SF Elections
  • District 1 Board of Supervisors detailed results. – SF Elections
  • District 7 Board of Supervisors detailed results. – SF Elections
  • When will new results be available? – SF Elections

San Francisco election-night parties

  • The Bay Guardian’s list. – SF Bay Guardian
  • Political blogger Linda Post’s list – SF FYI
  • The David Lee campaign told the Bulletin on Twitter there would be an event at Lee HQ. – @davidleesf

Board of Supervisors, District 1

Note: David Lee for Supervisor is an Ocean Beach Bulletin advertiser.

Board of Supervisors, District 7

  • District 7: Moderate, not progressive (SF Chronicle)
  • SF Chronicle endorses Engardio for D7
  • Candidates vying to replace Elsbernd in District 7 (SF Examiner)
  • Woman was awarded $500,000 by arbitrator in her suit against stagehands’ union when D7 candidate was official there. (opinion column) (SF Examiner)
  • F.X. Crowley’s son defends his dad against “misrepresentation of the facts” by Examiner columnist. – SF Examiner
  • Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Candidate’s Forum: Summary of Responses
  • District 7 Candidates on San Francisco Overlook Project (Forest Knolls Neighborhood blog)
  • Elsbernd offers advice to board newcomers (SF Weekly)
  • Voters confusing Norman Yee with Leland Yee? (SF Weekly)
  • PAC underreported donations supporting Garcia (SF Weekly)
  • Garcia shocked by $25,000 spent on his behalf (SF Weekly)
  • Hand of Rose Pak seen in Photoshopped campaign literature (SF Appeal)
  • A comprehensive rundown of where Board of Supervisors candidates stand on the issues. – SF Public Press
  • More detail on the District 7 candidates’ positions on San Francisco issues. (links to PDF) – SF Public Press

Board of Education, SFUSD

  • Teachers seek new direction from S.F. school board (Opinion) – SF Examiner
  • Meet the San Francisco school board candidates. – Mission Local

 California ballot measures

  • California proposition guide (KQED)
  • Map shows state breakdown of where money in California proposition fights comes from. – KQED

Other election resources

  • The YouTube channel published under the name “katsumigumi” contains commentary and opinion about local political issues, but it also provides unique video of candidates and political players talking about races and issues. – katsumigumi on YouTube
  • The Argonaut is a publication dating back to the days of that beloved San Francisco crank Ambrose Bierce. Warren Hinckle carries on the tradition, and the Argonaut continues to spark outrage among readers — often for widely varying reasons. (links to PDF) – Argonaut


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