Name Giants “Rally Monkey” at San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo Giants Rally Monkey

Photo: Marianne Hale for San Francisco Zoo

San Franciscans sporting orange and black as the Giants enter the World Series could take a cue from a baby monkey and her mother at the San Francisco Zoo.

A female Francois langur monkey with characteristically bright orange fur was born to her mostly black mother in early October, just as it looked as if the Cincinnati Reds would knock the Giants out of post-season baseball play. But when the Giants staged a dramatic comeback to beat the Reds and go on to the National League Championship Series, and continued their hot streak there against the St. Louis Cardinals, it seemed the team had acquired a new lucky mascot.

Now the little orange baby that has been called simply the “Rally Monkey” needs a name, and the zoo is looking for suggestions. “Posey” and “Scutaro” are leading the suggestions so far, according to the zoo, but ideas still can be submitted to the zoo Twitter and Facebook.

The monkey would join other animals named after San Francisco Giants players, including a hippopotamus named after pitcher Brian Wilson last year.

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