Fleet Week at Ocean Beach: hovercraft, helicopters, hospital

Ocean Beach hovercraftSan Francisco Fleet Week kicked off at Ocean Beach Wednesday with a display of hovercraft and helicopters, plus an emphasis on the military’s capabilities to help out in domestic emergencies such as the Bay Area’s next big earthquake.

Onlookers and uniformed military personnel alike crowed the promenade on the seawall across from Golden Gate Park and the Beach Chalet to watch a hovercraft launched from the aircraft carrier USS Makin Island land on Ocean Beach. As the hovercraft approached the sand with a deafening roar from the huge fans that propelled it, a great spray of seawater leaped up, creating a rainbow in the bright autumn sun.

Photos: Jonathan Weiand / Ocean Beach Bulletin

Videos: Kyle Mizokami / Ocean Beach Bulletin

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  1. Does anyone know if the hovercraft is coming back to Ocean beach? If so, Sunday? What time?

  2. Regarding the “hospital” (i.e. surgical tent), those aren’t “Marines”. The US marine Corp has no medical personnel. It gets medical support for the US Navy (as the tag on one person in the photo clearly says). Beyond Fleet Week, anyone who peruses the casualty lists from Afghanistan will see, week after week, the names of Navy personnel killed in action. Many of them are Navy Hospital Corpsmen (“medics”) serving with Marine units.


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