Emergency siren heard in Richmond, Sunset was accidental, says SF

A siren from San Francisco’s Outdoor Public Warning System sounded at about 3:45 p.m. Sunday, and even though officials say there wasn’t an emergency, they aren’t sure how the sirens were activated citywide.

In response to a tweet from the Ocean Beach Bulletin, the @SF311 Twitter account stated there wasn’t any actual emergency.

“@OBBulletin The siren signified the end of Sunday Streets, this week in Chinatown. We apologize for any concern. Thank you. ^SG,” the @SF311 tweet stated.

The City as been using the emergency sirens for years to signal the end of a Sunday Streets event. Usually only a handful of siren locations adjacent to the Sunday Streets route are activated, with the siren followed by an announcement on the loudspeakers about the reason for the siren.

San Francisco Department of Emergency Management spokeswoman Laura Adelman said she wasn’t sure how the sirens were activated citywide Sunday afternoon, but she said there was no emergency.

“We’re looking into it,” Adelman said.

Tweets from other Twitter users indicated that the siren had been heard in most of the city as well as the Richmond and Sunset districts.



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