Meeting to address Great Highway closures

Great Highway closed sign

Photo: Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin

The Great Highway is closed to car traffic dozens of times every year due to windblown sand and other conditions. Find out why the City closes the Great Highway and how it decides when to close the gates, Tuesday at the Taraval Police Station.

Representatives from the office of District Four Supervisor Carmen Chu, the San Francisco Police Department and the Department of Public Works will be on hand to explain Great Highway road closure procedures and answer questions.

Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for 6-7 p.m. at Taraval Police Station, 2345 24th Ave.

Questions about the meeting may be emailed to

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  1. Why is this a considered a problem? When the road is closed to cars, it opens to people — on foot and bike, with kids and pets in tow. It’s wonderful, and people flock to it. There are plenty of north-south roads to drive on in the city; why do we need a freeway on the beach?

  2. How long can it take to scrap up a couple of yards of sand?

  3. Sunset Blvd. as an ‘alternate route’ to Great Highway? LOL. May as well call
    19th Avenue the ‘alternate route.’

  4. What makes this program an abject failure is ably demonstrated by your picture. The sign says “Road Closed – Use Sunset Blvd.”

    Now, over all the years that the City planners have used ‘Sunset Blvd.’ as the justification and detour when they constantly close the Great Hwy for extended periods of time (it is closed right now, and has been for most of the last month)… has anyone ever seen anybody EVER use Sunset Blvd. ??

    Of course not. I venture to bet any City official that over 90% of the Great Hwy commuter traffic simply veers onto the lower Great Hwy and uses it as a full blown lawless cross town speedway. I am amazed that children from the Sunset Preschool haven’t been killed. Ever try to use a crosswalk on the lower Great Hwy when the upper road is closed? Good luck.

    The situation is made even worse by the haphazard way the City closes, cleans and reopens (or not) the upper highway. Since no one and no commuters ever know if the road will be closed or not, they have no incentive to EVER use Sunset Blvd., but instead veer down to the beach every morning and every evening hope the road has been reopened, and then speed recklessly along the lower highway when it isn’t.

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the City’s half-hearted bogus ‘detour’ program isn’t working…… and never has.

  5. My main complaint is not when they close it but in how long it can take to reopen it. A couple days is fine but recently it was closed for a full week after a very windy storm on the weekend. It was nice and sunny and calm that whole week, yet it remained closed for the week and I kept wondering why they weren’t working to remove the sand and get it open. When its closed for that long, it really adds a lot of traffic to lower great highway and impacts safety in the neighborhood. I can’t make this meeting since I’ll be commuting come from work, but if anyone goes, perhaps recommend they divert traffic to Sunset Blvd for longer term closures like this?

    BTW – In the future, please make sure the actual date is posted in the article. I’m assuming Tues refers to April 10th but it would be nice to have it posted so we don’t make an error in calculating it. Thanks –

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