High surf washes jellyfish ashore at Ocean Beach

Jellyfish on Ocean Beach

With a high surf advisory in effect for Ocean Beach and nearby beaches until 5 a.m. Monday morning, the surging water has washed up considerable clusters of jellyfish on the sand at Ocean Beach.

Jellyfish on Ocean Beach San Francisco

It’s hard to determine the exact species of the jellyfish, since most of the remains are small chunks, rather than intact specimens.

Jellyfish on Ocean Beach SF

While the jellyfish are nowhere near as large or as numerous as the highly-publicized arrival of moon jellyfish in November 2010, the clumps are certainly noticeable, especially around the high-tide line.

The jellyfish that do remain intact are about the size of a baseball. The jellyfish are most prominent in the middle of Ocean Beach, especially around Rivera and Pacheco streets.

Jellyfish on Ocean Beach

In the wake of the arrival of tens of thousands of jellyfish in 2010, the Bulletin spoke with Gary Williams of the California Academy of Sciences, who indicated that jellyfish often cluster in blooms offshore. Given the right conditions, these blooms sometimes wash ashore, which seems to be the case again now.

Jellyfish on Ocean Beach

The jellyfish are not dangerous and don’t sting. But it’s worth keeping your eyes on the ground if you go for a beach walk this weekend, not only to witness one of nature’s more bizarre phenomena, but to make sure you don’t slip.

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