San Francisco Zoo bear dies – Wishbone was 25

Wishbone Andean bear San Francisco Zoo

Wishbone the Andean bear. Photo by Marianne Hale from San Francisco Zoo Facebook post.

An Andean bear died Monday at the San Francisco Zoo, according to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page.

Wishbone was a 25-year-old Andean bear, also known as a spectacled bear. Wishbone had been at the zoo for 24 years.

Although the bear’s death was noted on the zoo’s Facebook page, no information about it was readily apparent on the zoo’s website and no announcement was made to the media.

The bear was just the latest in a string of animals that have died at the zoo recently.

Orkney, a gray seal, died March 2. Gene, an African black rhinoceros, died Feb. 27.

On Jan. 23, Tunya, a male lion, died a few days before his 15th birthday.

This article has been modified to include the name of the photographer who took Wishbone the bear’s photo.

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  1. Thanks Kim for your video bringing attention to the conditions of Wishbones exhibit. If we really love these animals, we need to give them a better home. All concrete is not appropriate.

  2. very sad for those who loved these animals. if that’s you, you may like my tribute videos posted to my youtube channel. there are currently four, i will do one for wishy soon. too painful right now.


  1. Local Beat | KQED News Fix

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