L-Taraval track work shakes up traffic, Muni service

Muni worm logoWork on the L-Taraval streetcar tracks will disrupt service on that transit  line Sunday, and car traffic will be affected through Wednesday, Feb. 15.

All L-Taraval stops west of 22nd Avenue will be affected. Shuttle buses will service all stops Sunday, but will use L-Owl stops at the curb instead of ramps and other stops on the tracks in the middle lanes of Taraval Street. The numbers used to designate stops for arrival-time apps and other purposes will remain the same. Streetcar service will return Monday.

The following inbound stops will be affected, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency:

  • Wawona and 46th (#16932)
  • 46th and Vicente (#13603) to Taraval and 40th (#16633)
  • Taraval and Sunset, island (#16641)
  • Taraval and 35th to (#16631) to Taraval and 24th (#16621)
  • Taraval and 22nd (#16619)

The following outbound stops will be afftected:

  • Taraval and 22nd (#16618)
  • Taraval and 23rd (#16620)
  • Taraval and 26th (#16622) to Taraval and 35th (#16630)
  • Taraval and Sunset, island (#16640)
  • Taraval and 40th (#16632) to 46th and Vicente (#13602)
  • Wawona and 46th (#136932)

Automobile traffic and parking on Taraval Street will be affected as well. The work will close one lane of eastbound Taraval Street between 35th and 36th Avenues from Sunday through Wednesday, Feb. 15, and some nearby parking spaces will be closed. All nearby businesses will remain open.

This work is the second stage of a six-part project to replace track switches on the L-Taraval line.

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