Rip Curl Pro Search neighborhood survival guide

Rip Curl Pro Search Ocean Beach San Francisco surfing contest poster

The Rip Curl Pro Search surfing contest will be held at the north end of Ocean Beach on four days during the period of Nov. 1-12, and while Ocean Beach has hosted major surfing contests before, the impact this contest will have on normal beach use and on neighborhoods near the beach is an open question.

The Ocean Beach Bulletin will update this guide with new information as it becomes available.

One option for viewing the competition is to head down to the sand, but Rip Curl will show the action live on a webcast, along with other news and information. Rip Curl even has a daily morning show for news and updates about the contest, including the official word on whether the contest is on for that day. The decision about whether the contest is on for any given day also will be posted at Trouble Coffee, 4033 Judah St. between 45th and 46th Avenues.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s special events calendar acknowledges the surfing contest, but doesn’t give any specific information about service changes.

Parking restrictions appear to be limited to the area of the beach parking lot directly west of the Beach Chalet, where a large area is occupied with tents, equipment, vehicles and storage. Organizers have erected a short fence in this area, blocking pedestrian access from the lot to the Great Highway except at crosswalks to the north and south.


 We want to hear from you about your experience with the Rip Curl Pro Search surfing contest. Will you go? Have you noticed any impacts on the neighborhood? Has your business experienced more sales? Less? Send us a tweet, post on our Facebook wall or email us with your reactions.


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