Beachside restaurant set to open at Judah Street and 48th Avenue

Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen on Judah Street

Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen is set to open Thursday, Aug. 25.

Pat and Buffy Maguire, the owners of the Ocean Beach-area fixture Java Beach Cafe, are just more than a week away from opening their newest venture, Beachside. But if you’re expecting another location of Java Beach, prepare to to get your head spun.

Behind the brown paper covering the windows of the restaurant at Judah Street and 48th Avenue, construction workers bustled about, installing a fire-suppression system in the kitchen or studying the wiring as Buffy Maguire showed an Ocean Beach Bulletin reporter around the restaurant, which will be officially named Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen.

But even with all the construction activity, it’s clear from the first step inside the restaurant that coffee is front and center.

An obsession with coffee

Immediately to the left of the restaurant entrance is a top-flight Italian La Marzocco espresso machine that’s the anchor of Beachside’s coffee station. “It cost more than my first car,” Maguire said.

The machine may be the center of the coffee station, but a fascination with premium coffee – maybe “obsession” is a better word – is at the center of the reason it’s there.

Coffee bar and pastry case at Beachside on Judah Street

A La Marzocco espresso machine is the centerpiece of Beachside's coffee station.

A few years ago, Maguire explained, San Francisco experienced a transformation of its coffee culture. While previously people had been satisfied with a good strong cup, many now not only expect even better quality, but also want to know details such as where the coffee came from, how it was grown, how it was roasted and by whom, much as diners want to know the provenance of their pork chops.

“About three years ago, we dedicated ourselves to figuring out that change,” Maguire said.

“We went on a journey with this.”

A key step in that quest for coffee knowledge was collaborating with Vince Virzi of Due Torri Coffee, a friend and fourth-generation coffee roaster who also has worked with several well-known coffee bars in eastern San Francisco.

After undertaking their study of the cutting edge of coffee, she said, it became clear to them that what they wanted was an experience that wasn’t available at any west-side coffee joints: varietal coffee sourced in small batches, roasted in small batches and brewed in small batches, just like an exacting chef might change a dinner menu based on seasons and quality. Virzi will roast small lots of coffee exclusively for Beachside.

This means that a type of coffee that’s on the menu Monday may be replaced by another type just a few days later if it isn’t available in sufficient quality or quantity, but it may reappear some other time.

Such a commitment to premium, small-batch coffee may not be unique in the Bay Area, but it’s not something people associate with San Francisco’s outer Sunset District – yet.

This focus on serving what’s best at the moment also is a departure from the approach at Java Beach, where they do take pride in quality, but customers have come to expect a few brews to be available day in and day out.

One coffee treat from Java Beach that Beachside will borrow is iced coffee, produced solely for this use through a cold steeping process in which the coffee is never heated or brewed as most iced coffee is.

Beyond coffee at Beachside

Coffee may be the most noticeable feature of Beachside for customers, but the food is getting its share of care from the owners.

Maguire said Beachside will use some recipes from her grandfather, a Sicilian immigrant who was a San Francisco fisherman and restaurateur.

Beachside under construction

Buffy Maguire of Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen talks with a painter in preparation for opening the restaurant at 48th Avenue and Judah Street.

The recipes that will show up at Beachside include simple dishes such as hamburgers of grass-fed beef, meatball sandwiches and fried-chicken sandwiches, as well as salads.

But gourmands may have eyes for only three words on the menu: “Irish breakfast sandwich.” Seemingly purpose-built to quell the post-session hunger pangs of surfers emerging from Ocean Beach’s chilly waters, the sandwich will have fried eggs, a choice of Irish bacon or sausage, white and black puddings, and fried tomato on a roll.

Maguire said she’s also developing some vegan options, but hadn’t yet settled on items or recipes.

The coffee and the food menu at Beachside seem primarily oriented toward grown-up tastebuds, but kids and others with a sweet tooth won’t be left out, with snow cones, homemade cotton candy, and a small selection of cookies and pastries.

Beachside also will have wine, beer on tap, Lillet cocktails and Strauss soft-serve ice cream.

Beachside’s neighborhood impact

Beachside replaces the C&M Bar, a business that wasn’t known for trouble, but simply wasn’t known at all by many neighborhood residents, who saw the dark interior only when the mylar-sheeted front door was open.

The Maguires hope the new restaurant will be a 180-degree turn from that, similar to the way the Judah and Sloat locations of Java Beach have become hubs of neighborhood activity.

“Beachside Bohemia” is the way Pat Maguire describes it, explaining that he wants to reproduce some of the feel of old Carville. He even jokes that he was visited by the ghost of Col. Charles Dailey, who is credited with founding Carville, the quirky 1890s community known for its houses made of old streetcars. “Beachside” was the name given to Dailey’s early settlement by a reporter for the San Francisco Bulletin newspaper.

Pat and Buffy Maguire of Beachside with their three sons.

Pat and Buffy Maguire inside Beachside with their three sons.

Beachside has an outdoor-seating permit, Buffy Maguire said, with Adirondack chairs set for sidewalk lounging. She said the restaurant’s hours are still being worked out, but probably will be from 7 a.m. To 7 or 9 p.m. Beachside’s total capacity will be about 20 to 25 seats.

In contrast to the Java Beach cafes, where laptops sometimes outnumber lattes, Beachside will not have WiFi service.

When Beachside opens, scheduled for Aug. 25, Maguire expects to employ about 15 people.

Beachside is set to open for business Thursday, Aug. 25, with a block party including children’s activities scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 27. from 11 a.m. To 3 p.m.

All photos: Kristine Mendoza


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  1. Hey Pat and Buffy, thanks for making the Outer Sunset a better place to live. I remember clearly what the neighborhood around the N Judah turn-around was like before you opened Java Beach, and it was not the kind of place you’d hang out for very long.
    Thanks to your hard work and investment in the community, you’ve made the place into a gem!
    Here’s wishing you many more years of success and happiness.

  2. i’m a so cal native, but have frequented Java Beach many times. I wish we had one in claremont ( not the san diego one) the place is SO good! Good luck to your new restaurant, i’ll definitely be coming by and trying out your cuisine! ..ala justin.

  3. Cool deal folks!! I’ll stop by and sample your goods!! Good Luck!!

  4. I am so happy about the new addition !! For too many years that location has been an eye sore
    and a “what the heck is it” place.
    Living on Judah between Beachside and Java Beach, I am now right in the middle of two great places that serve good food and care about the neighborhood.
    This spruces up the Outer Sunset ! Good luck

  5. .
    Welcome and our best wishes…… Thank you for brightening up the neighborhood again..
    Marty & Frances Larkin

  6. Will you have any openings for part time jobs? Thanks

  7. We can’t wait! The Outer Sunset will be even more fantastic with the new addition. Thanks to the Maguires who work so hard to bring great food and great feelings to the neighborhood.

  8. the food bar has been set for outersunset: Outerlands restaurant

    go big, or go away. im tired of mediocracy in the outersunset. your in SF now, do it right. i bet poster here, the menu will be filled with the typical: BLT, cheeseburger, egg-scramble, maybe with some plain tofu thrown in to be ‘vegetarian’.

    my advice: HIRE a chef, not a short-order cook who smokes in the back on his break.

    • What do you mean ” You’re in SF now”? The owners are natives of this neighborhood. You are probably some hipster dork from the Eat bay or worse, the Eastcoast talkin crap. Go ride your fix gear bike in your skinny jeans before you try and act tough around here chump. Dont act like you are the authority on the Sunset you clown….

    • I can honestly say their food is delicious. Many of the recipes are their own. There’s no “order up! here’s your egg and crappy coffee with some burnt toast”

      Also: before making rude comments I would go to the establishment and try the food and coffee. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. Location / Location / Location
    Coffee, Good Food, & Good Vibes…..
    All Ways Aloha

  10. Sounds great.
    Not having WIFI is good…the place wont be cluttered with CSPs (Coffee Shop People)!
    more upscale…brings up the neighborhood.

  11. i’m vegan and i live 2 doors down. i hate to cook, so if you guys have some good vegan options i’ll be there every day!

    also, the coffee of the outer sunset can EASILY be outdone. the competition offered at the above mentioned spots is low, leaving a large gap for quality drip coffee comparable to philz’ system or ritual’s v60.

  12. Hope there is a good selection of vegetarian food – if so, I’ll be there.

  13. I’m totally excited for Java Beach v. 2.0, but it certainly won’t be the first place in the Ocean Beach neighborhood offering amazing, locally roasted coffee. Trouble (Judah/46th) has been doing just that for the better part of three years. Between Trouble, Outerlands, and JB, you can get a mean cup of coffee in the Outer Sunset :)

  14. sounds great! the good things keep on coming in the outer sunset! that’s great!!


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