SF Zoo’s first baby koala in years now on display

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The baby joey, the San Francisco Zoo's first new baby koala in more than a decade. Photo: Jon Weiand

Baby koala San Francisco ZooThe San Francisco Zoo debuted its newest family member, a female baby koala, on Thursday, March 10. This is the first koala birth at the zoo in more than a decade.

Marsupial births are quite different from those of mammals, birds or reptiles. Marsupials are pouched animals, and the gestation period is just 35 days before the joey is born. The newborn is hairless and blind, with no visible ears.

After the bean-sized koala is birthed, it makes its way to the mother’s pouch completely unaided and continues to develop over the next six to seven months.

All photos: John Weiand / Ocean Beach Bulletin.

John Weiand is a San Francisco photojournalist. See more of his work on his blog.

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  1. How very cool (and adorable) to have a baby koala on hand for visitors to come see! I hope this really brings out the crowds.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos


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