King Philip shipwreck exposed for easy viewing on Ocean Beach

King Philip shipwreck Ocean BeachWinter’s low tides and shifting sands have exposed Ocean Beach’s best-known shipwreck, the remains of the clipper ship King Philip, and those low tides provide a great opportunity for viewing the wreck on New Year’s Day weekend.

The King Philip emerged from the sand off of Noriega Street in November after being buried for years, but only a small portion of the former cargo vessel’s hull was visible and high water often covered it until after sunset.

Now, however, both the bow and stern of the ship are visible. And for the next few days, the lowest tides of the day will come in the afternoon. On Saturday, the lowest tides of the day will come just before 3 p.m.

The King Philip ran aground on Ocean Beach in 1878 during a storm.

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  1. do any of you guys have any idea when it will get low again to view? i was traveling when it made it’s appearance, and i wasn’t able to check it out…

    • Generally, what you’re looking for is a period shortly after a winter storm, when the sand has been scoured off the beach a bit, plus low tides during daylight hours. (There are lots of resources for tide times online.) You don’t need lows that are exceptionally low — a low of about 1 foot should be fine — but when the sand is built up over the wreck you won’t be able to see it regardless of the tide.

  2. A great deal more of the King Phillip was on display in May 2007. I’ll dig up some photos for you


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