10-year-old Angela Yang Publishes her First Book

Angela Yang

Author Angela Yang with her cat, Pickle

It started as an extra assignment at St. Gabriel School for fourth-grader Angela Yang, an effort to encourage her to sort through some of her thoughts in writing. It quickly escalated, and now after 10 months of hard work, Angela has published her first book at the age of 10.

The book, “The Way Through,” is about a Chinese-American girl (also age 10) who has to move to China with her parents because they lost their jobs here in the United States. Angela was inspired to write the book after visiting China on several occasions, and observing “how different the lives are of kids in China and kids in the U.S.”

The book is 87 pages long, and is illustrated by Angela. She even did the art work for the cover.

“Angela is a very good student who is very reflective and follows through with her commitments,” said Sister M. Pauline Borgehllo, R.S.M., principal of St. Gabriel School.

Angela’s mom, Jennifer, was proud of her daughter.

“I am most impressed with her dedication and patience,” she said. “I learned a lot of this new side of her personality as we worked together on this.”

For Angela, the hardest part was the proofreading. She worked closely with her parents on editing, and often times would have to rework sections 10 times. When asked what advice she had for other writers, she mentioned the painstaking process of proofreading.

“Try your best, and don’t rush. Be very careful with your first draft, otherwise you have a lot of work ahead of you,” she said.

The cover for "The Way Through." Image taken from lulu.com

Jennifer Yang reached out to various publishers with the manuscript, but in a down economy companies are slow to accept work from first-time authors. Instead, the Yangs opted to self-publish the book through lulu.com, an online publishing service.

According to Sister Pauline, Angela is already working on a second book, on animals. And as for the first book, she has decided to donate all of the proceeds to St. Gabriel to upgrade the desks in some of the school’s classrooms.

You can purchase 10-year-old author Angela Yang’s book “The Way Through”  at lulu.com.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you very much for your message. Have you read “The Way Through” yet? It’s availible on amazon.com. I also have two other books on lulu.com. They are called “Angela and her 3 1/2 Cats”, and “Out of the Dark”.

    Good luck on your authorship, and always remember, the most important part to finishing a book is to have the courage to start writing!


  2. dear Angela,
    I also want to be an author,i am 10 years old too and i am in 5th grade your book sounds exiting and i hope to read it soon because then maybe i can get some good ideas for my book!


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